Friday, February 20, 2009

First, A Message to the PvEers who Hate on DF

(I didn't write these to be blog posts, just comments on other blog posts and forums)

The reason it didn’t work in Pre-Trammel UO was because the majority of players didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. With Darkfall, everyone who is going to play knows what the crap is goin on.

This is going to be an odd comparison but bear with me. I don’t have a problem with gay marriage, it does not affect me. But stupid rednecks feel that it does affect them because it is immoral (which is an opinion), these rednecks are outspoken and loud about why being gay is stupid and how they don’t understand how anyone could be into that.

Well it is pretty much the same thing with hardcore PvP games. Go to any developing game’s forum and I can almost guarantee you there are a couple people trying to push for more PvP or better PvP and there are tons more arguing against them. PvEers argue against PvP even when it is tailored around them so they don’t have to participate. It is just a hatred that they have with PvPers.

To all the PvEers who aren’t going to play Darkfall, please just shut the fuck up, you’re not a better person because you don’t like risky games. In reality, it is still just a game, and if you can’t handle that it is a game that isn’t made for you then I suggest taking a break from games.

(Next one is directed at PvPers)

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