Monday, February 16, 2009

I Hate Your Blog Post

Hello there!

My name is Bonedead, but you can call me Bonehead, just like all the 12 year olds (and 30 year olds) who like to think that they're original and clever.

I am a blogger and a very angry one at that. Why? Well I'll tell you...

See, there are other bloggers in this little blogosphere I like to call home, and usually they make posts which contain a lot of well thought out ideas and arguments. This makes me angry because I do not do that. Sure you can say my anger problems are my own fault, but I beg to differ!

Ya see, I've always been the kinda man that relies on his gut, not his brain. I don't trust the brain, ya see. To me it's just a series of tubes and most of these tubes keep tellin me to stop doin the things I like, which is why I like my gut. Ya see my gut likes to eat food and push out poop, two things I have grown very fond of. What has a brain ever done for anyone? My point exactly!

Brains only get ya inta trouble, my friend. But nooooo, Mr. Thinky McThinkerson over there spent the last day with a draft on his laptop cautiously editing every god damn word and analyzing every god damn thought over and over until he had a fuckin essay that would no doubt get graded an A in any highschool english class in the country.

Not me though, nope, I'm a blogger's blogger. I blog because I wanna blog, not because people want me to write somethin thoughtful and stuff. See, when people come here they know they're not about to stumble upon an MMO epiphany or the ultimate raid design or anything of the sort. They come here to see me attempt to describe what the fuck I've been doing in whatever stupid fuckin game I'm wasting my life on, that's it. No hoobully boobully, just straight up retard diary shit, motherfucker.

But back to the point. I wish I could sit down and take the time to fucking finger my own butthole while tickling my own balls, but I just don't. I try to at work and get in trouble, I fucking never will at home because I run out of time there sooo fuckin fast that it feels like I don't even get to play games, so what the fuck does that leave me with? I guess me and my gut are stuck being retarded as shit dickbags with my sweet ass alias I made up in the 7th grade.


Alright, so I quit SWG cus I just got so fuckin tired of it. I had talked some shit to the 12 year old pvp wow rejects gone SWG fags on the forums who were complaining about how they're a big fuckin mob of retards, and then put my foot in my mouth by saying I'd level to 90 on a combat toon and kick their asses. Right, like I'm going to PvE to level 90 in that fucking game in this lifetime.

My friend got WAR and I resubbed. We're on Praag and we're both playing a Rune Priest. We fucking own that shit so much, it just doesn't matter what happens, we can win with just a level 1 IB if we have to. I'd like to get some of it frapsed soon, because two days ago in Khaine's Embrace I was at the Destro flag with like their whole damn team chasing me, healing myself as much as I could, and he was healing me too. It was just so funny because I didn't die and our team slowly picked off their team. Pretty much PvP gold imo.

I updated my links and about me thinger. Added Ixobelle because he rules and I finally remembered. Changed Plaguelands (comment) to something more appropriate. Removed Jeff Freeman's link for obvious reasons as well.

That's it bitches, posted this shit at work like a fucking ninja motherfuckers, woo!

Oh and to all those who think about their posts fuck you, I'm jealous.

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