Friday, February 20, 2009

Next, A Message to the PvPers who Support the Ideas behind DF

(I didn't write these to be blog posts, just comments on other blog posts and forums)

GUY1's post that I'm responding to

Besides, why do you think we're having so many WoW clones? That's because the guys in marketing figured that that's what the majority of players still want and so, that's where the big bucks are. The day the masses grow tired of the same old formula and game devs realize that they can spawn only so many derivative games before the market is saturated is when we'll start seeing some new stuff coming out. Then, and only then, will we see serious game companies try to innovate and try to fill out niches.

I don't know when it'll happen but it will. It's a concept that keeps repeating itself no matter the matter at hand. Take food for instance. Many decades ago, pizza and chinese food were still considered exotic. Then everyone opened up pizzerias and chinese restaurants and people grew tired of eating pizzas and chow mein all the time. Since then, people came up with 'raw', vegan, Japanese, French, Greek, 'nouvelle cuisine', healthy, unhealthy or themed restaurants and so on.

Not convinced? Just look at the myriads of porn niches there are nowadays. Thirty years ago we had Playboy and that was basically it.

I've gotta get it. I couldn't feel right posting here at without supporting the ideals we love so dearly with my wallet. It takes 8 years for the opportunity to arise and depending on how this one does it may take another 8 years before we have this opportunity again.

I don't care if the game is a huge pile of dog shit. I've payed for worse. If the game sucks then I'll quit. But, the initial purchases are pretty much just investments in the ideals and features that Darkfall promises. Whether the developers deliver or not does not tarnish the ideals but tarnishes the developers. We all [are supposed to] want everything that Darkfall promises and the only way to show that is to buy it. Let the money truly reflect the interest so that people can see that we're not as niche as everyone acts like we are.

GUY1 I think what you say is true to an extent, but MMOs are not Pizza or Chinese food. If they are, tell me which Pizza shop or Chinese shop is supposed to be WoW? Which one is UO Pre-Trammel? Shadowbane? MMOs are a whole new beast. Games like Darkfall will start being made more often when investors see $$$$, that is what it all boils down to with MMOs, how much money you can milk them for. If investors see that 500k people purchase Darkfall, but only 50k actually pay for the next month, then it is possible for them to conclude that 500k people are interested in the ideals that Darkfall promises but since Aventurine poorly implemented those ideals they were not able to capitalize on them.

Once investors realize that they are not going to be able to attain WoW success they will begin looking at the niches and pick the one with the most $$$ thrown at it.

This is the only way we can let the MMO gods know what it is we want.

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