Monday, March 23, 2009

Buh-de-ba-dee-dee-dee That's All Folks

First of all, I know Porky says it longer, but just typing that much was pretty difficult. Let's spell sounds! Onomatopoeia and all that. KABLAM!

I am done with Darkfall for now. Maybe I will return after the NA release, but I just doubt it. What is the problem? Well, the game is pretty much too good. Yep, you heard me right, I'm laying down Darkfall because it is too good.

But how is that even possible, Mr. Bonedead? Well, I'll tell you my friend. Ya see, when I like a game, it is the only thing I care about until I no longer like it. That is where the problem arose. Ya see, I'm engaged to a lovely lady that I care for immensely. Turns out she was feeling a little neglected with all of my Darkfally-ness going on, so I picked what is more important to me.

Plus, Mortal Online is going to be starting beta (if they haven't already) and that's gonna be the same if not better than Darkfall. So instead of saying but but but I've waited for 8 years for something like this! I can say, well shit, there's going to be more than 1 eventually, which could lead to even more, so fuck it.

I would've just cut my time back to an hour a day, maybe a little more, but I just can't get a feeling of accomplishment in that time playing DF.

I can in Diablo 2 though!

Single player Diablo 2 LoD (even updated it to the most recent online version) is the shiznit. I decided to attempt to relive a nifty Paladin build that impressed me dearly when I was but a wee newbie. Blessed Hammers and Concentration! I get both skills at 18 and am currently 17. My plan was to reach 18 yesterday but after I got the Horadric Cube (DECKARD CAIN!!!!) I decided that was enough. Well after I transmuted my chipped gems into flawed, mofucka!

Yeah, Diablo 2 is hardcore, Darkfall can't touch that shit!

Well, technically it is in a way. I've even been considering giving it a shot. Remember? Once you beat Diablo 2 online (closed Bnet) on any difficulty (I believe) then you can make Hardcore characters. You remember, the ones with PERMADEATH!

That is the most hardcore shit in the world mane. You can't touch permadeath.

Yeah I don't know if I will do that, but I may, who knows. I'm not really ever looking for HARDCOR3 FUCK YEAH shit, but I do enjoy it from time to time.

I've put in my leave of absence at Murder Herd. I wish those guys the best of luck, I had a blast with them, and they're going to be a rather annoying force for the remaining players of Darkfall. I logged in Saturday morning to find 2 buildings, our grove, and our clan bank smoking. Apparently Awful Company, being extra awful, decided to bully some small guilds into becoming their loyal peons, and about 10 guilds attacked our city with siege hammers as well.

We were able to repair the bank with the 1 repair kit we had to go with a repair shard. Repair kits were a secret in the morning and by the end of the day we could buy them from our merchant, go Aventurine! Hah.

It sucks that I've got to stop playing because we were about to start being more offensive instead of always defending our city. Fuck our city lol, we're gonna rape some people. Meh!

Diablo 2.


Thallian said...

Sir, I salute you for putting the lady first.

Bonedead said...

Thank you Thallian.

It's funny because she still isn't happy and now I'm not playing Darkfall (or really anything because my time is supposed to be 100% hers now, for some reason).