Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ehh, It's not so bad!

First off, looking at my Xfire, I have not played that much DAoC (I wish though). I accidentally left the character select screen on the last two nights (because quitting the game doesn't really quit the game).

Next, DAoC update. I started at level 6 and ended at level 10. I didn't play very much at all. I remember 7-9 took a whopping 17 minutes. What I did was go to Tomb of Mithra and for a level or so I just killed the 2 mobs at the front of the entrance (orange and red con). I was able to solo a red like nothing, which always makes ya feel good. After a level or two I began moving deeper in. I found a room I remember being in some time ago with guardsmen and a giant model (but small in size). By giant model I mean the giants in Muspelheim/Vanern Swamp in Midgard.

Anyway, I died in that room because I tried to take on too many guys. Stupid me though, I realized I have an AE mez I could've probably lived with had I quick casted it. All in all, good times. Crap loot, uber crap loot (except for 1 bracer that does 4 quickness 3 dex, even though I only needed the dex), but I did enjoy the small amount of time I played still.

Why I don't try Free to Play games anymore. Before I get into the reason, let me first attempt to recall all of the free to play games (MMO) that I have tried.

Knight Online
Ragnarok Online

I know there was at least 1 maybe 2 others from the original makers of Knight Online (Malaysian website I remember)

I enjoyed playing most of these games for a little bit, never Runescape though, I always wanted to hate that game (and did a pretty good job of it too). I would say Knight Online and Ragnarok Online were my favorites.

I played every class in Knight Online. I enjoyed running out of town and killing tons of those worms, then then walking bulcan thingies, werewolf dudes, goblins, and the mean orcs. My favorite parts were being able to create/upgrade my own weapons (after I figured it out) and finding phat loot at low levels that you could sell for a ton (for some reason I want to say a crystal or some shit).

For some reason I think Ragnarok wasn't free to play when I played it, or maybe it was beta, I don't know. But I had a thief guy and I got to like level 28 or something, I could attack really fast and that was neat.

Flyff was le boring, 9Dragons was repetitively boring (see my screenshots in either my flickr or photobucket), which turns out is a common characteristic of most of these free to play games.

I guess when you're free to play you don't need to hide the grindy-ness as much as a pay to play.

Enter: The reason I hate Free to Play.

The grindy-ness isn't masked for a reason. It is supposed to bore you. But why would they want to do that Mr. Bonedead? Well I will tell you my friends. They want you to get bored because then maybe you'll start clicking around the interface. Hey, what does this "SHOP" button do?

It opens a gateway to the very depths of hell! A place where you can trade your integrity for shortcuts!

Don't get me wrong, I am a huge advocate of shortcuts. I just prefer the kinds you don't have to pay for, the ones where you have to use the game mechanics in such a way that you avoid certain, unnecessary things.

I know RMT is not always the devil, because hell, there are some places where "the devil" is going to be, because he fits in. But it isn't in the games that I play.

Which is the main reason I don't play free to play games (anymore).

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