Monday, March 16, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I'm going to be going all over the place today. Not really, but I've got a few subjects I plan on touching on and they are as follows: Strength and safety in numbers, my guild raiding Sinister's hamlet, I finally paid my 500g guild tax, Darkfall is finally supported by Xfire, and my plans during my next few play sessions. Enjoy.

Strength and Safety in Numbers
As I have been checking out other blogs playing Darkfall I have noticed that others are having problems that I have not had. Well, I actually did have Iso's problem when I first started, but I got positively aligned much quicker than he is. I couldn't imagine being red and outcast and alone. That does sound about impossible. Which brings me to my point: You need friends in Darkfall. Apply to a guild that seems the least likely to fuck you over. But that isn't going to be easy. It was for me but I got lucky. I seem to keep getting lucky in Darkfall, who knows, maybe if I wasn't as lucky I would be writing about my struggles instead of my adventures.

Lands that used to be open and barren when I was red are fast becoming dangerous and populated with the influx of sales and players moving away from starter towns. Even the easy goblin spawn by our city isn't safe anymore, solo or duo. I was there with a guildie and we got jumped by 2 guys. We would've won until a third slow ass straggler suck newb showed up and then I was being DPed. I soloed there yesterday and got attacked by a guy when I had low health. Luckily (odd how I keep getting lucky) I had plenty of stamina and ran through all the goblins (hoping he would follow) then into their goblin village and then jumped on top of their goblin houses and back over the wall! Haha, follow that shit bitch!

The most common number I hear of is 4. 4 mounted/geared guys is pretty damn solid. More is even more solid of course. However, some soloers are fucking amazing. For instance, some dude came to our town when half of us were in queue a quarter were afk and the rest were either not in town or weak/naked. This dude had full plate and was a polearm sprinter fag. Someone called out the entrance he was by and then like a retard lost him. I saw him the whole damn time, I was moving closer to engage, but once I did engage him I realized this was not going to go well. None of my teammates were even near me, ugh! I was standing at the bank naked practicing mana missile because I was told to by my leader. But nooo, the gatherer/goblin warrior must single handedly kick the polearm sprinter decked out in plate out of town. Right.

So I pipe up in vent and say, so is anyone else going to come kill this guy or what? Then I hear about 5 retards say oh he's back? (he never left) A couple others ask which direction he's at? (it was said less than a minute ago) But finally, our fat single female higher rank in the guild stuck in queue cus she's fat and annoying (see: The Guild, the fat lady) bitch face pipes up, Well usually we at least try and fight the guys, like I'm totally new to competition/PvP/the guild. I had to throw myself at this guy like 3 times before other people started engaging him. Good thing the only armor I had at the time was cloth chest pieces and armguards. But I can be mad at those fucking failure fucks later.

The point is, strength in numbers ftw in DF. Even though I wish I had uber combat skills, unlimited suits of plate, unlimited mounts, and not having to deal with lazy fucking failures who can't even have some guild pride and defend their fucking city, that isn't happening anytime soon. So I must sit back and wait and hope that strength in numbers remains plausible.

Sinister raids
Yesterday I logged in and heard of a couple more raids on Sinister's grove. Sinister is a guild that owns the hamlet north east of our city. They have purchased a grove (lumberjacking inside your city) and we have been attempting to make it our grove by raiding and killing all of their lumberjacks. We've had a few runs and from what I hear we get about 1k wood a run, which is pretty damn good.

So I logged in and start hearing tales of a failed raid on their grove that happened the day before. Apparently Sinister hid on their roofs until we all swarmed in and began blasting hellfire down on us. That was how the story went anyway. I believe my leader (the guy not the girl, the one I want to listen to) heard this at the same time as me because he began gathering forces to attack yet again! I readily volunteered.

We gear up in our best (for me it was a chain vest and padded pants lol) and gather in the center of our city. We're given the order to move out and begin our march. I have not ventured very far away from town, in fact, I am pretty much a newb who stays in the safety of his town for the most part. But not anymore I'm not, because we're marching to battle!

We see a mounted player as we near their hamlet and he turns around bolting back to his friends to raise the alarm. At this point our nicely zerg like "herd" if you will dissipates around their hamlet. I don't know where anyone is but I get to a wall and peek around to see Sinister guys firing to my right. So I charge and a few are behind me, we quickly dispatch a captain of the guild, and then we get orders to try and get on the damn roof.

Long and boring story short (I began writing this the other day) we fought for a while and eventually we fell back due to farming naked guys and subsequently getting farmed ourselves. Since our towns are so close you could literally see the battle changing hands depending on whose town we were closer to, which was pretty cool imo. We got around 1k wood or some shit.

Finally paid my tax
My guild has 2 taxes. The first is called a donation and it is 200g. The second is called a tax and is 500g. I am a retard and do not know how to make money, mainly because I don't want to get in trouble and get kicked out of the guild for being selfish. Well I'd sold 1 steed grass in town to a guy for 250g and while I was farming another I got ganked by those 3 fuckers (may have mentioned them here, if not check ixo or hardcore casual comments) and respawned back at our guild city (where I cannot sell them for 250g).

It took 3 trips to the goblins west of our city to gain the money. I would wait until I had about 40-50 gold and then bindstone recall to sell all the crap junk and add the gold together. It was stupid as shit and sucked ass, but I paid my tax so now I feel less burdened. COOL!

Darkfall on Xfire
Xfire now supports Darkfall. When I began writing this yesterday it was ranked #71 (in most minutes played per day) and today it has fallen back to #74. That may seem like a big decline, but consider that it has only been supported for a few days. Then consider that yesterday the servers (Darkfall) were down pretty much ALL FUCKIN DAY.

My plans
I honestly don't know wtf I'm going to do. I am kind of getting tired of all the bullshit to be honest. From the ridiculous fucking retard army that is the Darkfall Forums to my own guild annoying the shit out of me to not being able to play until the weekends due to server downtime/needing multiple hour play sessions to feel like I get something done, this shit is starting to drive me away.

I've considered rerolling and attempting to play solo (because it's harder, you become self sufficient, and you don't have to respect retards because they have vaginas and play video games) but I'm sure then I'd be considered "RABBIT" and MH would hunt me down for 1 screenshot of me dead. It'd probably be one of the retards that can't get over themselves too. I fucking hate being on vent and 5 fucking retard 25 year old burger flippers all try to talk at the same time, then stop, and then try again. I GOT THROUGH LIFE BY TALKING LOUD WHENEVER I WANT TO HURRRRR.

Man I like certain aspects of my guild but there is just so much fluff.

I think the game in general has just made me more hostile.


Anonymous said...

lol you do have a way with words bonedead I'll give you that. I really want to give this game a chance which is why im leaving joining the game until it is more stable and everything. Ive seen how bad conan and war were at release so I think i can afford darkfall some time to 'bed in' before i give it a wack

Bonedead said...

I wish I had taken that route more and more everyday, good sir.

Tallon said...

I like your writing it's a shame you are taking a break but best of luck with the relationship it is more important :)

I found a part of your post relevant to something I was saying and so linked to this post and quoted a small part of it, hope you don't mind.

Bonedead said...

Haha, I saw your comment on Syncaine's blog before my own. Good luck with your solo endeavors, I really want to do the same, just delete my character and reroll, so my guild doesn't find out and hunt me down heh. But yeah, relationship, dammit!