Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Talkin bout Darkfall (cus not too many people want to anymore)

Well I got in yesterday, if you didn't notice.

I was hesitant about my decision to play at first. The world was scary, I felt like a total noob, and I couldn't even hit the damn goblins very well. My aim with Mana Missile is alright, but I can not plan on relying on that shit, because when people get close to you you have to be able to do something. So I died to goblins because at this time I'm still not afraid to die, oh shit, I drop all my loot.

Well some guy Rezzed me, fuck yeah, and then the server crashed.

Beer beer beer beer weed beeerrrrrr.

Servers up!

I get back in and it is back to goblin killin! Man is this fun, each guy gets to take 2-3 swings at a goblin, some dude in the back is shooting mana missiles and arrows in our backs, and then I steal all the loot because I'm faster bitch!

I died twice and made it back to my corpse before anything was jacked.

I figured out how to revive someone and he gave me 10g for it! Alright!!

So I'm running away from the gobbos with low hps and see another guy right in front of me doing the same. We go behind a tree to rest and instead of resting, I stabbed him in the back, ftw! Loot loot loot run run run!

So I'm grey, runnin away from the newb area due to high chance of getting swarmed and low chance of turning blue again. I find a graveyard type place with some skeletons. I am able to kill these skeletons with the armor I stole from the guy I ganked.

Somehow I aggro a fucking uber ghoul bitch fuck of a mob and he just about kicks my ass so I run away over a hill. As soon as I turn around to go back I get wtf bombarded by a big fucking dude on a pig. I try to run and lose his dumb ass a little by doing circles and then breaking the circle when I'm behind him by going over a hill, but since he's on a mount there's really nothing I can do. So I turn and make my stand.

I'd heard a guildie talking about getting ganked by a couple of horse riders and I thought, I wonder if you can kill the mount while they're on it. So I aimed for his little piggies neck and swung away as if he were an alien drawin circles in my crops.

Well I barely hurt him and he fuckin raped me.

I respawned at the bad guy bindstone because I'm grey with some negative alignment. I am veeerrryyy far away from where I started and begin to head back that way. I stumble upon a scary looking human carrying a big ass 2h sword and wearing some armor. I am naked with my leafblade but for some reason I decide to follow him from a distance.

He meets up with a Wessex foolio and they begin to kill some goblins. My plan is to attack, why the fuck not you know, but I need to have surprise on my side. So I begin making a really big loop back around behind them. When I arrive, they are gone! :(

I decide to take on the goblins! Hmm, thats weird, these goblins aren't attacking me! Doot do doo, nothing to see here. Oh shit, why are these 4 patrolling goblins attacking me! Mobs aren't supposed to attack you, here!

So I ran away from the goblins, get pretty far, turn around, and as soon as I get where the guys were I see the goblins running at me from a mile away. Talk about memory AND aggro range, damn!

So I run away even further and rest up. And back we go! Hooray, they're gone and I can loot more. I work my way through a bit and reach the back and then I hear mana missiles being fired. Shit shit mofucka peoples be shootin at us zomg! So I go into James Bond mode and start crouch walking around. I see who I believe to be the 2 guys I originally pursued and it appears they are attacking a third guy. I didn't want to get involved since the chase appeared to be going away from me and I had little to no cover on my path to head them off. Nothing says surprise quite like charging someone in an open field!

I walk a bit away from the gobbos and am gonna go to bed. I consider leaving myself running into a wall to gain skill overnight, but I had new gobbo loot that I don't feel like losing. So I just quit regularly.

I believe when I log back in I will be at the evil bindstone, hopefully not at the good bindstone heh. I wish I'd be by the goblins again, but I'm sure I can find that place again.

After raping all the passive goblins today for a bit I plan on making my way to some enemy race starting lands and trying to gank a couple guys for alignment gain. Shit if I can I'll do a few so that I after I return to my starter area and do my quests I can gank a couple people there and stay positive aligned.

That's it, DF is cool as shit man.

It is scary, but it is cool as shit.

I forgot to mention that I did bank my loots before I pked my racemate so I have stuff that isn't on my person. Definitely going to be wearing less and banking everything from now on.

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