Thursday, April 30, 2009

New frontiers for griefing

Ever wish you could go play UO and find some clueless newb to trick into screwing himself over? Ahh, those were the good old days (when I was the newb too!). What can you do nowadays to grief people? Well, you could've played Darkfall when it released, but by now I don't think there are too many clueless people left. You can play any FPS (or any game for that matter) that has voice chat and group with as many people as you can, just waiting for that little kid with his squeaky voice, then make fun of him for it (but that will only be funny for a couple of seconds until you realize that you're a dickface). Yep, there are not many options out there for griefing. You could spend a long fuckin time in EVE establishing yourself and it would still pretty much all boil down to tricking someone into trusting you.

Well my friends, you no longer have to yell inappropriate phrases and/or odd noises at people on the sidewalk as you drive by, for now there is Omegle.

What is Omegle? Omegle is pretty much just a 1v1 chatroom creator dealy. You go to the website, click start conversation, and you're instantly connected with a stranger. The stranger's name appears as, you guessed it, Stranger! You can disconnect from the conversation at any time and reconnect to a new one. It really is a neat idea and you can have some long and enjoyable conversations with a complete stranger.

Personally I have only had 2 good conversations out of probably 15. One was with an Italian fellow who was mapping the genome for wheat (or something like that). Another was with a Canadian who hates people as much as I do and smokes weed (we got along great!).

However, there are a fuckton of weirdos. For instance, one guy asked me if I wanted to have sex. I told him only if he was a transgendered 8 year old. He said, well maybe I am, and I said well then maybe I'm a dude. Upon learning I was a male he disconnected. Normal as shit if you ask me.

Most people you'll run into will remind you of AOL back in the day. ASL? M or F? Oh and since they're strangers, they probably won't like you, so remember that.

If you visit during the work day, be prepared for a lot of kids. Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to probably 4 kids between 15-17, and when I say pleasure, I mean damn I am sorry to a lot of people that I talked to on the internet when I was younger.

The best conversation I had, oddly enough, I began by saying: "Hey baby you ever have your asshole licked by a fat man in an overcoat?" (Jay & Silent Bob fyizzle) It is an odd game, probably because it isn't a game.

But, if you play it like a game, and seriously try to have a conversation for over 5 minutes with each random person you're paired up with, you will lose. You simply cannot please everyone conversationally. Most people will say Hi, but then it'll go quiet and you have to just start quizzing them basically. It gets old quick, but if you're lucky enough to run into someone that you click with, you will see the awesomeness of the idea.

Most of the people I talked to were from Europe, one Brazil, a Canadian, and surprisingly only one American (from Texas). The one american pissed me off lol. He was 16 and from Texas. He plays Counter Strike and we were talking about it for a little while, then in the middle of the conversation he just disconnected, fuckin asshole! My guess is his teacher walked up on him, or he fucking hates me and I'm a horrible person! Lol.

Anyways, you can have fun with it by just talking a bunch of dumb shit and seeing how long they'll stick around.

Free Realms
I have yet to play any Free Realms. Fiance fucking ruined everything by being a stupid fuckin drunk that enjoys stupid ass tv shows. I played a few seconds of the tutorial this morning, it looked nice, and it seems like it will be fun. I am not aware yet of any possible ways to grief people, but I'll figure something out!

My name Wener Indamouf got denied, go figure! Now I am stuck with Richard Smallpiper, lol, get it, Dick SmallDick. Yeah, aren't I so clever.

I'm hoping I can pull some Nigerian Prince bullshit on some little kids though. It would suck to get banned, for tricking little kids lol. Iunno, I might wear it like a badge of honor, but I might get upset. Who knows.

Anyways, that's about it. Laterzorz

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Speaking of immature (+music I like recently)

EDIT--Just a little FYI, that is the only brown skinned model used as a picture for a Job in the game Free Realms. I'm not SOE, I did not make that decision, I just noticed it. Bitches.

Get it? Cus he's black.

(Am I going too far with this one? I'm just making an observation, in a negative light mebbe)

Now for music I like recently!

Click here to go to my most recently created Pandora station. You can listen to it, or just view the list of songs I've thumbs upped!

How did I contain this much gheyness in just one post?

Brief summary of points I'd like to hit on:
Anger in the Blogosphere!
Free Realms!
I'm immature!
I am a tourist!
Am I special or delusional?
WoW+UO, a WoW server with UO rules!

Alright, where do we start? I know, ANGER ANGER WILL ROBINSON, ANGER! I'm guilty of everything I'm about to talk about. Everyone is fucking angry at someone, in MMO land, that is (probably IRL too, but who cares about that, amirite?). People who play WoW hate everyone who doesn't, people who play DF hate everyone else, people who play EVE think everyone else is crazy, and those crazy ATitD players don't even know everyone else exists! Well that last one doesn't matter, but you get the idea. Now don't get me wrong, I love Syncaine, but man is he angry sometimes. I half suspect that it is a bit of RP, but still, damn. Just go around and look through comments. People get so mad at others because they misinterpret what was said, or sometimes, inject some of their own thoughts into someone else's. Again, I am guilty of this. It's just fucked up.

Free Realms! Man did this one slip under my radar or what? I actually remember some old people bloggers talking about taking the whole family there when it comes out etc, but aside from that I completely forgot about it. My fiance plays Pogo a bit and though I've tried to get her to play MMOs the only one she could stomach was WoW and she didn't make it passed level 10. This morning I showed her some of the trailers for Free Realms and I'm pretty sure she was sold on the puppies. Hooray for cute puppies! I'm kind of excited to get home and fire this up (while subsequently firing something else up, teehee!). I've got a good feeling she'll join me without resisting, but ya never know.

I'm immature as shit and I'm pretty sure that is why some people are completely turned off by some of the things I say. When I'm thinking of my words I always find myself trying to make myself laugh. If it makes me laugh, it almost has to make you laugh, but if it doesn't you will still laugh at me because I'm laughing at myself. Yeah, that's right. I like being immature, it is my favorite genre of comedy, it is the genre where I excel. I understand that if I acted more mature my chances of making friends and having conversations about things besides wieners and butts will go up, but I'm fucking 22 man. I'm still young and I want to be young for as long as I can. I used to want to be so old, I wanted to skip 20-30 years of my life and jump straight into being old. That is pretty dumb. I am going bald though (and I'm not fighting it like a pussy!), which kind of sucks. Anyways, being immature is still funny to me, so fuck you.

Someone commented on one of Syncaine's posts about how Keen is a tourist. Well, I am a tourist too! I play so many MMOs, but I always get tired of them pretty quickly, and I move on to the next one. I've been doing this for a very fucking long time, very gdamn long. I haven't played one game for longer than 2 months straight besides FPS games or maybe Diablo 2 back in the day. That is just who I am. I honestly can't imagine what it is like to play the same game for 6 months. How do you come home everyday and think: "Alright! Let's jump back into this same fuckin thing I've been doing the last 5 months! Something different will happen this time!" I have no idea. Therefor, I am a tourist, but I don't ruin games with my tourism (lol@WoW Tourists).

Am I special or delusional? I've said before in another post that I've thought I was living in a Truman Show type world a few times. It is probably because of some emotional/mental problems coupled with my extreme pothead paranoia. But anyways, I'm wondering if this is another case of that. Everytime I comment at BrokenToys (Scott Jennings) my comment says it is awaiting moderation. I am pretty sure I'm the only one (if not one of a few) being moderated. If that is the case, then damn, do I feel special. I mean, you know he knows my internet alias if he singled me out like that. To be honest, it is pretty fucking cool. I comment on almost every post there (well used to) but now I don't even consider commenting unless I've got something solid to add. Sometimes I'll write up a big comment and not even post it because it I'll reread it and think I'm a dumbass. Anyways, perdy cool.

This one I found via Someone posted it up there and now there are a few of them playing. That's right people, WoW plus UO rules (aka full loot...) Holy fucking shit. I never went to this website until just now, and reading the rules makes me fucking cream my pants.
Here are the rules:

-Full world PVP
-Item drops on death or suicide (1-12 items from equipped and bagged)
-Protective guards in town and starting areas (but not invincible)
-100% inter-faction game-play supported
-Guilds can have horde or alliance
-Groups can have horde or alliance
-Raids can have horde or alliance
-You can talk to anyone from either faction
-No arenas (all PVP is world based)
-Mark/Recall spells (like Ultima)
-Reduced spawn rates of all Bosses, creatures, in the world and dungeons
-All instances are singletons i.e. anyone can go into an instance at anytime grouped or not because there is only 1 instance.
-Repopulated zones for higher level content control
-Repopulated resource nodes for crafters to control
-Guild and Player housing
-Guilds will be able to control major cities as well like stormwind and ironforge
-Decorate your house with over 1,000 items from our object database
-Protect your garrison with CANNONS and other siege weapons.
-Custom itemization and new world events and items.
-Money drops x 15
-Starting mount (under pets tab)
-Mob kill XP x 10
-Quest XP x 3
-Rested XP x 2
-Exploration XP x 2
-Green Item drop rates x 10
-Blue item drop rates x 6
-Purple item drop rates x 3

Man that is just amazing to me.

Anyways, that is it.

Oh yeah! could use some new faces! So stop on by and read the previous posts, get a feel for the place, and act accordingly! We really need some new people there!

This is why we can't have nice things

Thursday, April 23, 2009

LotRO's Welcome Back Weekend

So I heard about this on Massively and since I've been tiring in AO, so I figured, maybe I'll give it a go. The only problem is, I never actually paid for LotRO. I did the free trial exactly two years ago, but I wonder if I'll be able to download/log in. Who knows (probably can't).

Anyways, as you can see, my free trial ended exactly two years ago. The welcome back week begins tomorrow. I'm going to remote to my home pc and start downloading (if I can), hopefully it will be done or close to it by the time I get home (never under estimate the power of DSL!).

If I can't play, who knows, I might just buy it finally. Maybe not though, maybe I'll buy Conan since I haven't played that, even in a trial. I've been saving money like a good little boy, it's time to splurge a little.

Here's to splurging!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Been a While

Sorry about that whole, elephant, thing.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Story time

Henry is an elephant that can fly. He isn't like Dumbo though, he doesn't use his ears because that isn't possible. He uses a jet pack! You may be wondering, Bonedead, what the hell is an elephant doing with a jet pack when I don't even have a jet pack? Well ya see, this is a special elephant, because he can talk. Well why can the elephant talk? Because he evolved bitch! Shut the hell up and listen to mah storeh!

So one day Henry was cruisin along the tree top canopies in some exotic ass rainforest in the mofuggin jungle (forest jungle mofugga!) on his way to visit his best friend, Dr. Mr. Dolphinface. Why is he a Doctor Mister, Mr. Bonedead? Because he got a doctorate degree in something and now he has the power, now shut the fuck up! Anyway, Dr. Mr. Dolphinface wasn't a doctor of medicine, he received an honorary doctorate for his work in constructing a jet pack that works and fits an elephant. Not only that but he taught a damn elephant how to talk and then explained how to use a jet pack!

As Henry is flying over the canopies he notices below him there are swarms of monkeys and apes following him. He figures maybe it is just a coincidence and returns his attention to the sky. Ya see Henry was very fond of the sky, though that wasn't always the case. Back when he walked around everywhere he had too much to worry about and focus on that was on the ground. He didn't have time to look up and during long treks he didn't have the strength to look up. Most of Henry's life prior to being a jet pack wielding talking elephant involved long arduous walks across barren deserts and dry jungle. But now, now he could get where he needed to be with hardly any effort. If he gets too hot he just flies higher!

Henry was due for a refueling and a general check up, though Dr. Mr. Dolphinface was not an elephant doctor. But since Henry could talk he was able to help him. While staring at the clouds Henry spotted a small airplane. Airplanes were nothing new to Henry, in fact, most were chartered to find him flying for tourists to see. This didn't bother Henry, because he was free to do as he pleased, and he enjoyed the company and the new faces. However, today Henry did not have time to spend with the tourists, for check ups and refuelings are no joking matter to an elephant with a jet pack.

Of course, tourists pay a lot of money to charter a plane over a rainforest jungle thing to search for an elephant with a jet pack and they will not give up easily. Over the years Henry has learned the lay of the land quite well, especially with his ability to speak, he was able to acquire large maps of the area courtesy of Dr. Mr. Dolphinface. This meant he knew where the country borders were, since this story takes place in a jungle rainforest, it is a safe assumption that in this area of the world the countries don't get along with each other very well. Which means all that Henry had to do was cross over into another country and fly a bit lower than usual, so that's what he did.

As he began to lower his altitude he looked down and noticed there was still a large amount of primates following him in the trees, and he turned his focus on them now. From his lifetime in the wild Henry learned that there is usually a dominant male leader for most animal families and groups. Henry began scanning the front of the pack looking for this dominant male primate, who he would undoubtedly have to direct his attention to were a meeting to take place between himself and the primates. He began to go faster trying to catch up to the head of the pack when all of a sudden the primates disappeared and the trees stopped moving. In fact the whole forest rainjungle was almost completely silent except for a small humming noise that was slowly growing louder.

This made Henry feel extremely uneasy so he ducked his head down and barreled on towards the Docs house. He was flying in what could be described as a trench among the tree tops, there was something about having trees around you that would calm Henry down. Henry began to feel more relaxed, he was breathing easier and his legs weren't as tense. He began looking at the canopies below him for small reservoirs of water and eventually came across one. He slurped it up in one try and gulped it down, it was very refreshing. He went a few trees down and found another, this one he sucked in and squirted onto his back, which was also very refreshing. He found one more, he drank half of it and dumped the other half on the top of his head. Henry was very refreshed, he was calm again, and he had lost the tourists.

He began on his way again, it was along trek but hardly as tough as they used to be, if he were to have tried this trek without the jet pack he would have surely perished. A breeze began to flow by him and through the trees around him, making a smooth rustling sound all around him. It was at this moment that Henry heard a very strong noise to his right, as he looked over he could see who he believed to be the dominant male primate. He was obviously aged a bit, but not frail, very much strong and very much in charge. His hair was gray which automatically made him stand out amongst the other primates who were primarily black, brown, and light brown in color. His face was the most horrid thing Henry had ever seen. It seemed white and crusty. As if he had died long ago and came back to life, it was very weathered.

The primate hugged the tree with his legs and motioned by swinging his arms in Henry's direction while howling menacingly. The trees all around Henry began shaking and he slightly increased his altitude while looking below him to see what was coming. He was now emerging from his trench in the canopies and his pursuers were becoming more and more visible. Hundreds of monkeys and apes rushed up after Henry, some began leaping at him, and one small monkey managed to grab on to Henry and climb on his back. He increased his altitude to stay out of range of the others, who were now standing on top of the canopies barking and howling at him, it was now clear to Henry that he was being hunted. The monkey on his back began gnawing on his ears which made the ones below grow even louder and more enraged.

Henry swatted at the little monkey with his trunk, missing, again and again he swatted and grabbed for the monkey but kept missing. He then began going straight up with his jet pack, high into the sky, so high that when he looked down the massive mob of monkeys now seemed rather small. He flipped upside down and began to free fall. The monkey on his head was now biting harder but less often, he was losing his grip and dangling from Henry's head. Henry grabbed again and this time he got the little bastard! He held the monkey tightly and began flipping himself back over as the mob of monkeys below again appeared massive.

Once right side up with monkey in grasp Henry hovered above the mob who was now extremely furious as he had their friend in his clutches. The leader emerged and the mob went silent almost immediately. Henry stared at his deformed face in disgust, this was without a doubt the ugliest primate he had ever seen. The primate leader motioned to Henry, what Henry assumed meant "Give him back". Henry was not going to be bullied and needed to let these primates know that he was the king of the jungle rainforest as far as they were concerned. So he took the monkey and held it up to his jet packs propulsion systems, where half of it instantly disintegrated. He looked at the remains and felt sadness, this was not Henry's way, he was better than this.

When he looked at the primate leader he noticed it's mouth was wide open in shock. The primates had never seen such destruction before and were left in awe. Henry threw what was left of the corpse at the alpha male, hitting him square in the chest, and it fell to his feet. The primate examined the body, his face regained it's composure, it's intensity. The hairs began to stand up on it's body as it looked at Henry. The leader flung the corpse off into the trees and roared at Henry so fiercely that it startled the mob of primates around him.

He began squawking rapidly and moving his arms and his followers began to react. They began bunching up together and climbing on top of each other. Henry knew he had to start moving and fast as he saw the leader began charging up the mountain of monkeys, heading straight for Henry. The terror that was his face slowed Henry's reaction time, it was as if he forgot how to fly. He was frozen, completely frightened, and then came a loud roaring. The noise became louder and louder, it immobilized Henry even more and caused some of the monkeys to flee from the pile, which slowed the primate leader.

As the leader reached the top of the primates he leaped with all of his might, arms outstretched towards Henry, mouth wide open ready to rip and tear. He was so close now that Henry had given up, he would be swarmed by these primates and killed. It was at this moment that the roaring revealed itself. An airplane flew directly overhead, it had a hook dangling from it which appeared to be magnetic as it honed in on Henry's jet pack and hooked onto it flawlessly. As the primate was about to strike, Henry was tugged away by the plane, and the primate fell into the canopies below. As Henry watched he saw the leader began tearing apart those who fled the pile and flinging their intestines all over the place. He stared up at Henry and let out one last roar. Henry was saved.

(What the fuck am I doing?)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Anarchy Online, still goin strong

From discovering preferred weapons to use after your upgraded newb weapons and getting the same fun/newb feeling that you had so many years ago, to using implants to your advantage, to spending your IP (skill points) wisely, to double boxing (on one box), to FUN! I had a very interesting and fun filled weekend with Anarchy Online which I intend to expand on and share with you! Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Newb Island
When you start a new character in Anarchy Online you arrive on an island (and we shall call it, this land!) dubbed newb island. There are some starter quests to familiarize you with the game and get you the basic equipment needed including armor, weapons, a belt with some memory, joining a side, and some beginner nano programs for your profession.

One of the things you might realize while here (after you've just about done everything) is that there are 7 or so boss mobs who are relatively easy to kill and drop some fancy jewels. Most notably are the XP and damage add rings, however there are plenty of other rings with no bonuses that sell for a lot as well. The damage rings are usually +1 but on occasion there will be a +2. You can make loops around the island killing all of these bosses and just picking up the rings and gems/stones (leave the gear as it doesn't sell nearly as well and other newbs might be able to use it). Once you have a full bag (and full carried bag) you can sell and make a small fortune. This can help you buy your nano programs or those cool sunglasses from your faction's vendor.

There are also Alien mobs in the upper middle of the island (with their own boss) but I haven't stuck around to kill too many of them (including the boss) due to their level being much higher and the weapon loot requiring the Alien Invasion expansion.

Make sure to upgrade your weapon as soon as you can and don't forget to before you leave!

Preferred Weapons
This was my favorite discovery. What do you do when you've leveled a few times in any MMO? One of the first things you ever want to do in an MMO? Get a new stronger better weapon of course! Usually you would look at your minimum and max damage, figure in the attack speed, range if it matters etc, and you arrive at having a good idea of what you're looking for. It's the same thing in AO, except there are literally way too many weapons to know them all (not really, but it seems like it). The difference in AO compared to say, WoW, is that there isn't a WoWhead or a Thottbot to look up what you want. So you've got to Google, old school style! I happened upon a few guides and a wiki pertaining to AO in general and specific professions as well. Usually weapons are covered in these guides but if they're not, for example if you're at a Fixer guide without any weapon recommendations and are wondering about Rifles, you could check out other profession guides that do list recommended Rifles.

The first preferred weapon I was to discover was the Division 9 Plasmaprojector for my Soldier. If you remember Bardiches in Diablo 2, this gun is similar in that the minimum damage is 1 and the maximum is say 80. Now you may be thinking, "but what if I hit for 1 damage three times in a row? That has got to be bad, right?" Well while that could happen, it usually doesn't. What does happen is that you hit somewhere in the middle a lot, which is a decent amount of damage on a semi constant basis.

So I knew what I wanted now it was time to figure out how to get it. A good place to find this information is AUNO, a website filled with tons of Anarchy Online knowledge (and one of the few AO websites still up and running). Just search for the item you're looking for and hopefully somebody commented on where to get it, if not, you may be looking for the wrong weapon (since the popularly accepted ones have gotten a comment over the years).

For the Div 9 Plasmaprojector I found out that I needed to kill Dyna bosses or Team Mission bosses for it, that it was a random (not rare) drop on these boss mobs. Team Missions was out for me so I Googled Dyna bosses trying to figure out what the heck I was looking for. The first site I found said something about them being in the old Backyards, which I remembered (as they were the original newb zones), but had forgotten how to actually get to. Turns out (for Omni faction players) all you have to do is walk in one of the doors (strewn across town, near mission doors) that says High Rise at the top.

So I go into the backyard door and load into a zone that appears to be on the top of a building. Pretty cool, I thought, though I did not recognize this area at all. I checked the only door I could find and stumbled upon what appears to be my apartment! Great, now I have an apartment key taking up a space in my inventory. I go back out and see a blueish entry way with the words HOLO WORLD written across the top. I figured what the hell and walked in. Ahh! Now I remember! I loaded into a real backyard, just like where I spent a lot of time on my original characters (when the game first came out). It was quite a trip down memory lane with all the leets and reets and such, not to mention the "Take me to the shop!" chips they would drop frequently that sell for 200 credits (farming greys, woot woot!). But after a little money gathering I remembered my reason for being here, to kill the Boss, to get the loots!

In the back of the backyard (back back back)I found the boss (across the bridge behind the trees!), he was gray in nature and fell easily under my upgraded newb rifle. The loot... which there was about 7 or 8 random pieces of, was Quality Level (QL) 6-10. I was level 15 or so at the time and this low QL was not very enticing. I figured, what do I know, maybe it'll be better even if it is QL10. I waited for the respawn and killed him again, nope, nothing. At this point I figure, well there are higher QL versions of the gun, it can't just be QL10, so I make my way back to Google and resume the search on Dyna bosses.

That is when I found the Leets Online website. If you click on say Omni Forest, you see a Map with some markings on it. More importantly, if you scroll down, you see a table that lists Dyna Camps! These are the camps where the Dyna Bosses are!

So I made my way to the Omni Forest (from Rome Blue -> Rome Green -> Whompah to Entertainment -> follow the signs outside) and then realized, shit, how the hell do I read these coordinates? I didn't see any on my map, but once I opened my mini map (using the map button on the bottom right side) and hovered my mouse over it (while not moving) I began to see similar coordinates. The way it works is obvious and simple, you get two coordinates and X and a Y, it's just like the graphs you learned to plot in elementary (middle for some) school. The first number is your X (left to right on your mini map) and the second number is your Y (top to bottom on your mini map).

Killing these solo was quite difficult, as I had to kite some of them across the whole damn forest. If the Boss cons green to you and his minions con gray, the minions will not add on you. If the minions are not gray, they will add, so be careful! Sometimes it is best to focus on the minions first while kiting so you can get the boss alone, however, running too long or too far will cause them all to give up and turn around. Sometimes you can fight just the boss when this happens, sometimes you've got to follow it all the way back and then fight just the boss (because the minions are lost in the forest). Either way, I killed roughly 20 of these bosses and didn't get one Div 9 Plasmaprojector, bummer!

I was a bit fed up with this nonsense, having run across the damn world killing tons of boss mobs solo, I was now level 17. I was toying with the idea of logging in my 2nd account and grouping with my soldier just so he could get a team mission and go solo it. So I typed /tell helpbot level 17. Helpbot let me know what level ranges I could team with and saw that the lowest was level 13. On my other account I had a level 11 Bureaucrat, so I opened him up and solo'd him to 13.

I grouped them up and grabbed a mission. I began working on the mission alone on my Soldier before I realized a few things. One, my computer wasn't having any trouble running two instances of AO. Two, I would outlevel my level 13 and would have to solo him again to group more if needed. So I alt tabbed back to my Bureaucrat and ran him in the mission, found my Soldier, and did a /follow.

If you've ever done this in a game before, then you probably hate oddly shaped corners around doorways as much as I do now.

Anyways, after killing a few of these mission bosses I found a QL 19 Div 9 Plasmaprojector which was a much welcomed upgrade from my upgraded newb rifle. On my Agent the weapon to upgrade to was this one, which I have one of so far, working on a 2nd (but more on that later). After getting two of these preferred weapons, it appears that they will always be obtained from mission bosses or dyna camp bosses, which is good to know if you plan on making alts.

Taking Advantage of Implants
Before yesterday I knew about implants, had them on most of my characters, but really didn't get too into them. That all changed yesterday as I was playing my Agent/Agent duo I recently created.

As I mentioned earlier (read: last section) I have found one of the two guns I am looking for. As my search for more continued, I was beginning to notice how bad my upgraded newb weapon was compared to my preferred weapon (that my other agent was using). So I would make it a habit to check the Basic shop after most missions, just to see if there was something a little bit stronger. That is when I came across a Rifle that required 100 Rifle skill (due to being higher QL than my level). My rifle skill at the time was around 68-75, so I could not use it. The gun wasn't as good as the preferred weapon, but it was a nice step up from what I had. The attack speed was slower and the max damage was higher (so it would act like the preferred weapon with slow, big spikes of damage).

I figured, there must be some way for this to work out, so I went to the implant department in the Basic shop. I found a couple Agent implants that added to rifle, but it wasn't going to add up to be enough skill! I noticed a QL 20 implant (that added to rifle) required 44 Agility (I had 48) and that a QL 30 implant required 64 Agility. So then I began looking for Agent implants that added to Agility because I really wanted to use this rifle. I found a QL20 leg implant that added 10 and a QL20 foot implant that added 6. 16 + 48 = 64! So I bought the 2 QL30 Rifle implants and popped them in. I was now the proud Agent with over 100 Rifle skill and a shiny new Rifle.

I plan on going much further in depth with implants in my next few play sessions. I hear much talk of implanting implants to implant implants, a.k.a mini twinking (real twinking requiring much more than I currently know).

Spending Your IP Wisely
I am not 100% sure on this section. I think I know the basics, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone commented and shattered all that I knew.

Basically, when it comes to abilities (STR, AGI, etc), you want to max these all up until about 30-40 (when IP starts getting short). Afterwards, depending on your Profession, you want to only max a few of these. For instance, on my Soldier and Agents I max STR, STA, and AGI. Whereas on my Bureaucrat I max AGI, SENSE, INT, and PSY.

From there we go to Body. I max Body Dev and Nano Pool for a while, I stop maxing Nano Pool and continue to max Body Dev (because it raises your HP). Put more points in Nano Pool if you can't cast all of your buffs and are tired of using Nano heal pack thingys.

Ranged or Melee. Max your preferred weapon skill and any skills granted by your weapon (Fling Shot, Burst, Fast Attack, etc).

Speed. I always max Run Speed. Max whichever INIT your weapon uses. Ranged weapons used Ranged Init, Nano Programs use Nano Init, etc. If you don't know, check your weapon. I raise Nano Init for the first few levels as well due to it increasing your cast speed on your buffs (or spells if you use them).

Trade & Something. Always max Comp Lit. If you wanna craft then do it, but Comp Lit is important.

Nano & Aid. I always max First Aid and Treatment. First aid allows you to use in combat heals and treatment allows out of combat heals (as well as implants). Do not put points into the other skills until you get Nano Programs that you want to use. Then raise them accordingly depending on the requirements for the programs you want.

Double Boxing (or playing 2 dudes at once!)
Let me start this section off by saying I am highly considering creating a new account and upping my number to 3! It just runs so smoothly and makes the game twice as interesting.

I started out with this idea so I could get items I needed from Team Mission Bosses. I needed to be in a Team to be able to get the Missions! From there I designate 1 character as the main and 1 as the alt. Basically I just run into a room (far enough so the alt follows into the room) target the bad guy, use all my specials, and alt+tab to the alt. On the alt I would use my special and send in my pet (Bureaucrat). I got my Soldier to 25 and my Crat to 20 I believe, just from runnin missions! When I first started I was getting almost a level a mission, which was real nice.

After tiring of my Soldier/Crat combo I decided I wanted to play an Agent. I don't know much about ANY of the Professions but Agent sounded to me like a good choice. I wanted to run 2 of the same class and hopefully that class would be good at DPS. The plan is that since I'm fighting 1 mob at a time usually, we could take it down much faster this way, and since they're the same Profession I hit the same buttons and do the same thing.

It is working out pretty good so far, still trying to get a 2nd Rifle for the alt, but we don't have problems fighting at all.

The most fun part about playing 2 guys at once is during the Boss fights. I cannot solo a Boss that is a few levels above me (not sure about my level tbh). In these Team Missions the layout is a bit different due to their being multiple levels. You usually go down or up a level and then down or up another level to the Boss level. At the Boss level there is usually the Boss and 1 mob, sometimes there is just a Boss.

You need to have the best First Aid and Treatment packs as you can. Because you just cannot survive against an Orange con Boss without having to change tanks a bit to heal. You don't need taunts for this to work because you just go down a level and you're taken out of combat so you can sit down and heal. But don't take too long or your alt will die! If you leave the Boss alone longer than 5 seconds or so his health will begin to go back up pretty quickly too!

This is what I would suggest. Go in with the main, get aggro. Come in with the 2nd, start shooting the Boss, press F2 to select your main and watch until his health goes down whatever amount your first aid is capable of healing, then heal him. Switch back to the main, target yourself, use your first aid as soon as you've lost as much health as it can heal. Since they are both on the same timer you can now sit on your alt and wait to do it again.

You can usually go through this 4 or so times before it starts to get hairy. When you can no longer take hits and your first aid isn't close to being cooled down, you go down a level, sit, and use your treatment pack. Alt tab back to the alt. Check your first aid cool down, hopefully you will be able to survive until then. Switch back, you should be able to heal again with the pack, do so. If you're over half HP, go back up. You should still have aggro so though your alts health is low, he isn't taking hits and doesn't need healing. Use first aid as soon as you can, switch to the alt, heal your main.

Sometimes you have to take your alt down a level, sometimes you have to take them both down a level (try leaving a DoT on the Boss if you can, if not, heal one toon a lot and get him back up there fast), and sometimes your alt will become the new tank.

It really keeps you on your feet. Another thing that does this is when you're fighting a pet spawning mob. Sometimes the pet goes for your tank, sometimes your alt, when it goes for the alt it can get sticky.

All in all this is still a great game. If anything I would compare it to EVE in that it can be daunting how much you do not know and how much you are not told, really feeling out of the loop. But if you use Google, you can get yourself in the loop, and begin making your way through the land of Rubi-Ka!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Little update before the weekend

Finished Firefly.

Haven't played much AO but when I return I plan on moving myself to the Temple of the Three Winds and hopefully being able to solo, but probably not.

Noticed I had 0 hours on my Xfire for AO so I had to manually add it, way to go Xfire.

Watched The Sphere this morning. That movie is so awesome ("the book was better!" fags need not respond!). Books are always better, durr.

Can't wait to get home and get super retarded and play so much AO, mainly because it is free.

I've been considering buying the expansion pack thingy for AO, but then I think I'll have a monthly fee, meh! Sure would be nice to have access to everything though.

I came very close to playing/creating an alt yesterday.