Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How did I contain this much gheyness in just one post?

Brief summary of points I'd like to hit on:
Anger in the Blogosphere!
Free Realms!
I'm immature!
I am a tourist!
Am I special or delusional?
WoW+UO, a WoW server with UO rules!

Alright, where do we start? I know, ANGER ANGER WILL ROBINSON, ANGER! I'm guilty of everything I'm about to talk about. Everyone is fucking angry at someone, in MMO land, that is (probably IRL too, but who cares about that, amirite?). People who play WoW hate everyone who doesn't, people who play DF hate everyone else, people who play EVE think everyone else is crazy, and those crazy ATitD players don't even know everyone else exists! Well that last one doesn't matter, but you get the idea. Now don't get me wrong, I love Syncaine, but man is he angry sometimes. I half suspect that it is a bit of RP, but still, damn. Just go around and look through comments. People get so mad at others because they misinterpret what was said, or sometimes, inject some of their own thoughts into someone else's. Again, I am guilty of this. It's just fucked up.

Free Realms! Man did this one slip under my radar or what? I actually remember some old people bloggers talking about taking the whole family there when it comes out etc, but aside from that I completely forgot about it. My fiance plays Pogo a bit and though I've tried to get her to play MMOs the only one she could stomach was WoW and she didn't make it passed level 10. This morning I showed her some of the trailers for Free Realms and I'm pretty sure she was sold on the puppies. Hooray for cute puppies! I'm kind of excited to get home and fire this up (while subsequently firing something else up, teehee!). I've got a good feeling she'll join me without resisting, but ya never know.

I'm immature as shit and I'm pretty sure that is why some people are completely turned off by some of the things I say. When I'm thinking of my words I always find myself trying to make myself laugh. If it makes me laugh, it almost has to make you laugh, but if it doesn't you will still laugh at me because I'm laughing at myself. Yeah, that's right. I like being immature, it is my favorite genre of comedy, it is the genre where I excel. I understand that if I acted more mature my chances of making friends and having conversations about things besides wieners and butts will go up, but I'm fucking 22 man. I'm still young and I want to be young for as long as I can. I used to want to be so old, I wanted to skip 20-30 years of my life and jump straight into being old. That is pretty dumb. I am going bald though (and I'm not fighting it like a pussy!), which kind of sucks. Anyways, being immature is still funny to me, so fuck you.

Someone commented on one of Syncaine's posts about how Keen is a tourist. Well, I am a tourist too! I play so many MMOs, but I always get tired of them pretty quickly, and I move on to the next one. I've been doing this for a very fucking long time, very gdamn long. I haven't played one game for longer than 2 months straight besides FPS games or maybe Diablo 2 back in the day. That is just who I am. I honestly can't imagine what it is like to play the same game for 6 months. How do you come home everyday and think: "Alright! Let's jump back into this same fuckin thing I've been doing the last 5 months! Something different will happen this time!" I have no idea. Therefor, I am a tourist, but I don't ruin games with my tourism (lol@WoW Tourists).

Am I special or delusional? I've said before in another post that I've thought I was living in a Truman Show type world a few times. It is probably because of some emotional/mental problems coupled with my extreme pothead paranoia. But anyways, I'm wondering if this is another case of that. Everytime I comment at BrokenToys (Scott Jennings) my comment says it is awaiting moderation. I am pretty sure I'm the only one (if not one of a few) being moderated. If that is the case, then damn, do I feel special. I mean, you know he knows my internet alias if he singled me out like that. To be honest, it is pretty fucking cool. I comment on almost every post there (well used to) but now I don't even consider commenting unless I've got something solid to add. Sometimes I'll write up a big comment and not even post it because it I'll reread it and think I'm a dumbass. Anyways, perdy cool.

This one I found via Someone posted it up there and now there are a few of them playing. That's right people, WoW plus UO rules (aka full loot...) Holy fucking shit. I never went to this website until just now, and reading the rules makes me fucking cream my pants.
Here are the rules:

-Full world PVP
-Item drops on death or suicide (1-12 items from equipped and bagged)
-Protective guards in town and starting areas (but not invincible)
-100% inter-faction game-play supported
-Guilds can have horde or alliance
-Groups can have horde or alliance
-Raids can have horde or alliance
-You can talk to anyone from either faction
-No arenas (all PVP is world based)
-Mark/Recall spells (like Ultima)
-Reduced spawn rates of all Bosses, creatures, in the world and dungeons
-All instances are singletons i.e. anyone can go into an instance at anytime grouped or not because there is only 1 instance.
-Repopulated zones for higher level content control
-Repopulated resource nodes for crafters to control
-Guild and Player housing
-Guilds will be able to control major cities as well like stormwind and ironforge
-Decorate your house with over 1,000 items from our object database
-Protect your garrison with CANNONS and other siege weapons.
-Custom itemization and new world events and items.
-Money drops x 15
-Starting mount (under pets tab)
-Mob kill XP x 10
-Quest XP x 3
-Rested XP x 2
-Exploration XP x 2
-Green Item drop rates x 10
-Blue item drop rates x 6
-Purple item drop rates x 3

Man that is just amazing to me.

Anyways, that is it.

Oh yeah! could use some new faces! So stop on by and read the previous posts, get a feel for the place, and act accordingly! We really need some new people there!

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