Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hilarious in my own mind

And that's all that counts.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dear Free Realms Lurker

I'm on to you! BTW I like how the time leaderboard for Hack n Slash now has people with under 30 seconds. In fact the current #1 apparently beat the whole game in 1 second. Sounds 100% possible to me.

Fix yo shit honkies.

LotRO, err I mean LotR:O, err LOTRO, err...

Let's stick with the first one. LotRO, Lord of the Rings Online. I recently won a free copy of the game courtesy of Kill Ten Rats (Clicky is that way--->). I haven't played the game since open beta. Now that I think of it though, I think I did. I think I did a free trial at one time, I mean, I pretty much had to. I'm sure if I go back a year in posts I will discover that I have, which I honestly forgot. I knew I leveled a Manstrel (man minstrel) to around 15 (and think I even started Book 1 or some crap like that) and also an Elfanger (elf ranger). I say I just realized this because I just figured out how to get MyLotro to work (hint: use your forum name/password) and saw that I had a 14 Guardian and a 50 Wolfman or something. No Manstrel nor Elfanger.

So I've got another account out there somewhere. Big whoop.

I downloaded the game on Sunday, intending on playing all day Monday, due to having the day off and such. I took a nap (read: smoked all day and it always catches up to me in the PM) and woke up at around 11 PM EST. I had about 20 minutes left on the download, awhellyeah! It finishes, starts installing, aaaand I hit my first snag. I need .Net Framework 1.1 or some shit. Turns out Vista doesn't "come" with it. Download that, install, retry. Okay that works, installation complete. Click play, type in my password, and click okay. Alright it opens up, resizes, and it's gone. Hmm, let's try that again. Click play (not an icon on my desktop or anything, noooo, we have to open the download manager and click play every time, joy), type in my password, and click okay. It opens again, resizes, again, and it doesn't disappear! Full screen mode is entered and the Moria loading screen comes up, huzzah!

Well shit. What class am I going to play? I remember the Minstrel being okay but not really for me. I like being the class that can do anything because it is overpowered. That's why I eventually made a Mauler in DAoC, why I liked Warlocks in WoW, and Witch Elf in WAR (and Structures Trader in SWG...). Anyways, I remember reading recently about the Rune-keeper being amazing. As in a group of them beat some crazy Turtle encounter in around a minute (and from what I understand Turtles are really hard in this game). So of course I made a Rune-keeper.

Dwarf Rune-keeper to be exact, named Thirmur. Why Thirmur you ask? Well when choosing my name I followed the rules so graciously bestowed upon me by the great LotRO gods themselves. If more games did that, more names would fit in the world, just sayin'.

I leveled to 7 and Dwalin (from The Hobbit, right? been quite a while for me) had one of those instanced, Travel Now, quests. But wait! Before I can continue with this quest, apparently I need to download the game... But wait, didn't I just do that? I quit the game, check out the download manager, and what dya know the fucker is downloading an 11GB file. Great. That should go over well with my 1.5 mb down DSL, yep. Oh well, I tweak my settings for downloading it, in an attempt to reduce download time as much as possible, I even open up a port. I go back in the game, get back on my Dorf and begin roaming the lands looking for a way out! Nope, not today sonny!

So I rolled a new guy. A Hobbit Burglar, because, well I don't know why, because it's what Frodo would've done? Hey what dya know, I've done all these quests before and I kind of remember that (the same happened for the Dorf but on a much smaller scale). I get to level 7 pretty quickly, maybe an hour, and I go back out of the game to check the download (hurray for alt+tab capability!). So in around an hour or two it has downloaded pretty much 1gb. That's not great, but it's something. I figure, if I go to sleep and wake up in 6-8 hours then I'll only have to wait a couple hours in the morning until I can resume play! I can easily play CS for 1 or 2 hours! So I go to bed.

The next morning my fiance is up and getting ready for work (haw haw, I don't have to) and I ask her to tell me how close it is before I even think about getting up. At this point I am not planning on taking her to work (we share a car) because I hate having to go pick her up after a day of weed and games. She says it has 1 hour and 7 minutes remaining. Alright! Then she says it has downloaded 2gb out of 11gb. Wait a second, that doesn't make sense. Upon further review the estimated time of download said one DAY seven hours remaining. Fuuuuck that shit. This is my last day of this weekend, and I'm fucking playing a game I haven't played in forever, and I'm going to fucking love it god damnit.

It is at this point when I realize what I must do. I must turn off my computer (rare occasion) and put it in my car. I must take Melanie to work. I must pick her up from work while not feeling up to it. Because I must take my computer to my work and take advantage of the FIOS goodness. So I drop her off, go to work, hook up my computer and begin the download. I also begin streaming the Fellowship of the Ring because that's how I roll. I then go to Burger King for some om nom nommin breakfast. I return to work and I have about 2 and a half hours on the download. I go home, take a shower, and begin streaming the Fellowship of the Ring on Melanie's computer. Because that's how I roll.

After my DSL fails at streaming and I've got some weed in me, I decide it is time to return to the office. My download has about 50 minutes remaining, awhellyeah! I continue watching the Fellowship for about 30 minutes and check the time again. 30 minutes left! Yay! I load up Steam and fire up CS. Wow, downloading LotRO, streaming Fellowship, and playing CS with a lower ping than I get at my house. Man I need FIOS. So I play some Gungame and surprisingly win and get accused of cheating in the same game, how great? I really need FIOS at home. Before I know it the download is complete and installed.

I fire the game up just to make sure it is done and there are no surprise patches or some shit. When I see Dwalin is willing to talk to me again I shut down, pack up, and head home. I almost stopped by Wendy's for a triple cheeseburger ketchup only with a medium fry and a large frosty, but I didn't because I am strong!

Anyways, I leveled and shit. I reached probably 11 and yesterday I made it to 13. I haven't had any problems fighting mobs, but I did die once and it made me feel bad. It was at that goblin place by Gondamon errr the place before it? The one where you attack 1 dourhand and he comes with 2 goblins then 3 goblins come out as well and rape rape rape. Yeah it never happened again, but it still happened. And now I don't get any more cool titles like The Wary or The Undefeated. Because I have been defeated. It is almost reason enough to reroll, but I shouldn't.

I am currently at Thrasi's lodge. I believe I will be moving forward soon to wherever is next. I remember being in this place and doing most of these quests still, but I cant wait for the new stuff I've yet to see. I think that is one of the biggest reasons I liked that UOWoW server, fast leveling, and thus seeing the new zones and beyond where I've been. I just like it.

Without further ado, here he is!

In other news:

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well I'm first but it still isn't fully up to date. I don't really care anymore since I got my screenshot though. Huzzah!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ugh, here's an "update"

I don't have shit to talk about really. I've been playing UO WoW for a little while and it is pretty fun. My Warlock is amazing. At level 64 I soloed a level 72 elite. Just yesterday I soloed an elite mob with 179k HP, no problem. The way to get gear on this server is to raid Silithus. They have created mobs that drop gladiator pvp gear and sprinkled them across the land. I think that when I'm 80 on my Warlock that I might be able to solo them, if things stay the way they are. The only way I could see this not being possible is if the mobs hit very hard. I do gain a lot of HP quickly and easily.

Yesterday I played my Shaman a bit, he's almost 70 now. He is pretty good, my only complaint is when I miss half of my swings for 10 seconds straight and my Windfury doesn't proc. But then there's the times when I hit everything and proc everything and every proc crits and the mobs dead in 2 seconds. I'm considering trying out a 2hander soon, only problem is that my talent spec needs points in the dual wield talents. If I find a way around it I'll definitely give it a shot. But, I already have a Gladiator 1h axe lined up to use, so maybe I wont.

I was playing my Priest yesterday, because after my Shaman I began moving from one to the other sporadically. I was fighting mobs and all of a sudden I'm flying across the screen. Fucking Death Knight! He was level 73 and I was 64. I just threw up a shield and put on the dots while using the mind flay. Then I began running out of range reapplying the dots. He was going down and he finally realized it. He turned to run back to Shattrath but didn't quite make it. You don't drop your loot until you release, and this guy wasn't dropping loot. So I waited, and waited, and waited some more. Finally I decided to send him a tell.

"Gimme your loot!" I said.
To which he responded "Kiss off".
I replied with "You're the one who tried to gank me, I'd say I earned it".
Then he tried to trick me by saying "have fun waiting, I'm going to play an alt".
But I know that if he logs out, he will probably drop loot. I wait some more and send him a tell just to check if he is online. Yep, still on.

I logged out and got on my Warlock. I rushed over there and he still hadn't released. I then decided to get on my rogue since he has stealth so the guy won't even see me. Unfortunately my Rogue was in Sholazar Basin near Avalanche and had a nice little run ahead of him. Oh and then the flight path at River's Heart didn't work so I hearthed. Short story even shorter, when I got there he had already released, looted, and went to play an alt.

I haven't had many PvP encounters. While my brother (80 Mage) was PLing me a little when I was in my 70s (and at Avalanche) I was stealthed next to him as he was healing. Then I see a Rogue sneak up behind him, so I Cheap Shot him, get a few combo points, Kidney Shot him, realize he's level 80 and I'm hardly hurting him as the stun wears off. As I get done lubing up for the rape I'm about to receive the guy RUNS AWAY. So that was funny.

I went to Avalanche on my Rogue recently looking for people to gank and loots to steal. On my way I ran into a Mage and a Paladin leveling up. Huzzah! I gank them and then receive a tell from the pally. Aren't we allied with your guild? Hahaha, shit. I haven't played my rogue very much and since hes the only one in the guild I am not up on the politics.

I'm pretty sure I'll be better off playing the Warlock as my main. I just love the class so much, due to it's overpoweredness. I remember 70-80 going much faster on my rogue, which I believe is why I've caught this altitis.

Anyways, here you go.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


...when it has 10x EXP and isn't focused on raiding endgame.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Realms - Still no working Leaderboards

I know what you're thinking. Bonedead, big bad Bonedead, bitching about a kids game. Well I don't care damnit, I am capable of beating these kids, and damn it, I paid to be able to!

I submitted a ticket to customer service explaining my disappointment in the Leaderboards functionality, or lack thereof.

Here is what I said:

I'm pretty sure I should be #1 on the Hack n Slash mini game (Sword Testing) Leaderboard. I have beaten the current high score twice and have screenshots on my blog. I would also like to point out that on the Time section of the Hack n Slash (Sword Testing) Leaderboard there are a ton of people with the time of 31 seconds. I believe they failed the mini game in 31 seconds, but I highly doubt they completed it in 31 seconds, because if they did they would be #1 on the Score Leaderboard for the mini game. is my blog where the screenshots are located.

I haven't been playing because of this. I am not here to be with my family or my son and have a jolly good time. I like all of the new little games to try and beat, all I am asking for is some recognition. I paid the same amount of money as everyone else.

First response from a Referee:
Greetings Richard Smallpiper,

This is Referee -censored- answering your ticket. I understand that you feel the Leader Boards are not accurate. Since this is a matter which Referee are unable to assist with, I will direct this issue over to our technical support department who will be best to assist you with your concerns. If this has caused you any trouble at all, I do apologize. I appreciate your ticket Richard and hope you have a wonderful day.


Second response from a TSR:

The leaderboards do not update constantly. They compile all of the data from all of the servers every couple of days and then update. Could you please continue to watch them and I'm sure you will see your stats increase.


Okay. First off, I got my first high score before May 1st. Today is the 14th, so I'm not 100% sold on the whole, every couple of days thing.

However, he is right, my stats did increase as I noted here. However, I am almost positive my current high score (as shown on leaderboards) was attained after beating the current highest score of all players.

Here is my 2nd response:
Thank you Referee for your assistance.
Thank you as well TSR for your response.

I scored higher than the current high score before May 1st. I have since beaten it multiple more times. Just yesterday, I created a video of me getting my highest score yet which I intend to upload to my blog sometime soon (after I reduce the size). I have noticed that since submitting this ticket I no longer have access to the Leaderboards. If that means it is being worked on, great, but I will be rather disappointed if my scores have not been logged. I've noticed that for the Hack n Slash game, the faster your time, the higher your score. Since I have attained the highest score (that I'm aware of) yet, I know that the fastest you could possibly complete the game in is above 40 seconds. Yet the first page or two of the Time Leaderboard is filled with players with 31 seconds.

I haven't played this game for around a week (minus yesterday) simply because I cannot climb the leaderboards.

Since I cannot access the Leaderboards (this is day two of no access) I still consider this issue unresolved.

I threw in that last tidbit because their emails say if I do not respond in 72 hours that the issues would be updated to resolved, and the end of today would be 72 hours.

But yeah, yesterday I decided I would record me beating the current high score. Well, I managed to beat my previous highest score of 21,790 with a 21,8something. I have a feeling I could break 22k if I played it some more.

I'm just curious if I am the only one who cannot access the leaderboards or if they are down for everyone. Because they were up until I got a response to my ticket.

Also, there is no mention of this Leaderboard downtime on the Announcements Forum.

While looking through the announcements forum I came across the most recent (May 11th) patch notes. One fix caught my eye.
* At the end of a kart race, Portraits, Total Time and Placement now appear properly

If you go back a page you'll see my screenshot pointing that one out.

I just want leaderboards to work, that is it. If you're going to advertise it as a feature then you should probably feature it in your game.

Another thing that chaps my ass is that if you search FreeRealms support for "leaderboards" there is only one question, located here.
Can I see my score and compare it to other players?
On the Leaderboards you can check your scores. If you are a member, your score will be posted for everyone to see. If you are not a member, only you can see you scores. But your scores will be saved if you become a member later. You can also check a game's High Scores from the mini-game start window.

Let me emphasize some of that:
...But your scores will be saved if you become a member later. You can also check a game's High Scores from the mini-game start window.

My scores do not appear to be saving and I AM a member. I also cannot check the high scores in game, there isn't even a button to do so anywhere in or out of the mini game.

Come on SOE, I heard your damn commercials on Nickelodeon, how about fixing some shit first?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Review Bad Review dot COM

Yep, today's pipe dream is inspired by the whole Darkfall debacle.

This is what you do, you review every MMO twice. One review is written by someone who loves the game and wants everyone else to play it. The other review is written by someone who is embarrassed to admit they're even playing the game and would like to save the world from it's crappiness.

Here's my reasoning.

When was the last time you were excited about a game coming out? Let's act like WoW is coming out soon for the first time ever. You've heard a little buzz, you know Blizzard doesn't fuck around, and you love love love Warcraft 3. You start looking around for reviews or previews or forum posts of excitement. Because you want to be excited, amirite? I mean come on, how long has it been since you've wanted to play a game this bad, amirite?

For the most part people know whether or not they want to play a game without reading reviews. If you don't agree with that then you're a part of the problem. You cannot just sit back and wait for everyone to bring everything to you, great king, before you make your decision. That is fucking stupid. You know what you like in a game and it is very easy to find out what intended aspects of a new game interest you. If you can't do that much work and just want to rely on some big website to tell you what to do then I'm sorry but you're worthless to the MMO community that cares about itself.

If we had a website that didn't release a single review for a game until it had a positive and a negative one then you've got something for everyone. Now you just need to develop two characters that anyone can enjoy. We have Carl the Carebear and Peter the PKer. You can't make this stuff up (unless you're me).

So you go there and click on World of Warcraft. You're then faced with 2 pictures. One of Carl all carebeared up and one of Peter eating a baby or something. You're asked to pick your playstyle judging by the picture. You've got to make Peter really grotesque so that you get your point across, and also make Carl a little girly man if you know what I mean.


A quick on before getting ready for work

Gonna be late!

Here's some pics of what I've been doing. The Free Realms ones are old but I mentioned them earlier.

Aaaand we're done!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Haven't been on the Free Realms website much recently, but I decided to check it a few seconds ago. It turns out they kind of updated the leaderboards a bit. Problem is, they updated it with data from a week ago and they haven't fixed the whole, "I quit the mini game early and am counted as finishing it in 30 seconds even though that isn't fucking possible" thing. But hey, I'm ranked 22 now! My favorite part is how everytime I try and look at the leaderboards for myself and Sword Testing the shit starts breaking. It's like they know.

For instance, I saw I was ranked 22 on My Leaderboard. I clicked to see if the rest of the peoples scores updated as well and they had not. The score they have on file for me now is in the 18000s, but as you can see from my screenshot (a score which I have since beaten) I scored much higher than that. Anyways, so I wanted to get a screenshot of the whole, 22nd place thing to show you. So I go back to My Leaderboard and what do I see?

Okay, well what about if we check the Sword Testing Leaderboard?

Well how about actually looking at the Score and Time Leaderboards individually?

But don't take my word for it, go check for yourself. Remember, this is only one game's leaderboards (and my personal leaderboard). Go look at mining. Look at Kart Racing (which I've NEVER gotten a score from doing, even when racing real people).

Now I can understand a shitty argument being along the lines of, "Well it is more of a family oriented kid's game, it isn't about who is the best or competing but about having fun. Therefore we don't consider the leaderboards as a top priority item. I can understand that. But if that is the case, then don't fucking say you can see yourself on the leaderboards, have links to the leaderboards, or have a whole leaderboard dedicated to ME. I'm just sayin.

Oh hey, what do ya know, my leaderboard works again!

Seeing that I'm ranked 603 on monsters killed kind of makes me want to wtf rape that one next. Wanna know how? It's gonna be real easy. See I'll go to the Cellar dungeon as a level 8+ Brawler or 3+ Warrior and wtf rape newb level mobs all day. Fair? Not really. Pwnzor? Most definitely. I'd like to clarify that something like that is not possible on the Hack n Slash game, that shit is just hard.

Gonna try and fire it up hear at worky, don't think this computer can handle it, but why not give it a shot, it's as good a day as any.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I decided to spend some time googling bonedead, you know, because I'm cool like that.
Anyways, here is what I found!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is with all the hate?

First let me start off by saying, I fucking know that I'm guilty of everything I'm about to talk about, okay.

I know this post isn't going to change shit about anything, but for some reason I just want to talk about it a bit more. I think one of the main reasons I am tired of it is because it makes me angry, it makes me want to pick a side and start taking shots at people. I don't want to do that, damnit, and I don't want to have to stop reading about MMOs either.


Every fucking thing that is opinion based has become a fucking team sport. Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians. Why the fuck do we need all of this separation? Why are we constantly trying to divide ourselves?

You're pro abortion? You leftist baby killer!

You're anti gay marriage? You right wing zealot!

Shut the fuck up. Take a step back. Look at the big picture.

As much as you want to be unique and stand out from others, you're just blending in with your "team".

The most prominent example of this from the MMO world that I can offer involves Darkfall and what seems like every MMO gamer. Among the Pro-Darkfall crowd it was cool to hate WoW. Among the Pro-WoW crowd it was cool to hate Darkfall. It still is. I was a part of it and looking back I feel like a real jackass.

It also goes hand in hand with blogging. Why?

Because people are figuring out that if you post something controversial (like say, WoW sucks, Darkfall owns it) it will start a shit storm of traffic to your blog and get the whole community going.

It reminds me a lot of mainstream media today. Only bad things, shocking things, absurd things, and things that contain strong support for our team! It's getting old people.

If you think about it, there really isn't anything to blog about when it comes to MMOs. It is all drama and gossip and blown way out of proportion sneak previews and shit.


Can we shut the fuck up and be real please? Can you act like I'm a normal human being capable of thinking for myself? Can you act like a normal human being capable of thinking for yourself?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What has been up?

Well, I've been playing the server for a few days. I have played a little Free Realms but there really hasn't been any incentive since it is a broken fucking dickface. The leaderboards are STILL not updated, they haven't changed since the first time I ever looked at them a week ago.

Kart Driver and Demo Derby Driver do not gain experience. Nobody knows if this is intended or not because SOE doesn't tell anyone shit. It is just too shitty right now to get into because every problem I run into, when I search the support base or the forums, nobody has said anything about it save for a few players who have run into the same problems. I figured that I couldn't be that amazing at the Hack n Slash game so I got an even higher score of 21720 or something like that. My fastest time is 43 seconds I believe.

I've heard complaints of leaderboards for time (it takes to complete a mini game) being messed up. If someone quits before the game is over, that time gets saved as their fastest time, and it gets displayed on the leaderboard. Failzor!

So, I haven't been playing much Free Realms. However, my fiance tried it out yesterday, and 5 hours later she was paying for it. Now I'm pretty sure she loves it (though I suspect she will burn out soon). I believe she got a Miner to level 9 or so.

As for, that shit is pretty cool. The server resets a lot, but it doesn't take but a minute to restart, and when you log back in the field of corpses you logged out in is now a field of mobs. I am level 42 already, yep, that's fuckin right. Level 42 in a couple days, huzzah! 10x exp is friggin great, plus the green and blue drop rates increase, add that in with the fact that people drop lewtz.

I've died 3 times to players I believe, 4 if you count a group of 3 killing me twice. The first time was a level ?? one shotting me in Stormwind. The second time was a 43 Rogue in the Deadmines while I was 36, I didn't attack him when I found him, yet he attacked me when he saw me, when I came back I raped his face for being a stupid Rogue. Then I was out in I think Tanaris? Wherever Gadgetzan is. I went through the tunnel and into Pirate land, where I was jumped by 3 guys my level.

I need to bind my bottom left action bar to alt+1-2-3-4 etc, so I can get to my Death Coil easier. I doubt I could've taken the 3 guys as they were all my level, but I really think I could get 2/3 if I got the jump on them and played my shit like a pro. I've done shit like that before because I'm awesome like that. Shit, I killed a ?? Warrior in STV (in real WoW) when I was in my 40s. I just dotted him up and tried to keep him feared while launching my instant shadow bolts whenever Nightfall procced. It got to the point where I used Unending Breath and just started swimming down, after a while he just died. Good stuff.

The players are fucking annoying. It seems just like a regular WoW server because all they do is bitch bitch bitch. They don't understand that they're basically playing in Beta and that there is basically only 1 dev, who actually responds to players in world chat. Yet everyone and their mother is so goddamn entitled to speak their mind about how this one stupid skill doesn't work and how on real WoW servers you can do this and this. Oh my goodness, I have to submit a ticket for my problem? OMG! What kind of barbaric world is this? I can't stand them!

I actually was lucky enough to run across one of the whiners in STV. I dotted him up and sent him a running with fear. He used his ice cage thing (mage) and said "Seriously?", because he conned green to me, I didn't say anything and just spirit tapped and drained life as soon as his ice thing wore off. Aaaaand you're dead! I was mainly pissed because I figured most of the whiners were level 70-80 and lost things that mattered a bit more, but this guy was green to me, just shut the fuck up and level. The best part was he dropped his Hearthstone as loot! I didn't even know that was possible. Anyways, I found him again to give him his Hearthstone back because I'm such a nice guy, and he says "What, you can only kill me when I'm fighting mobs?" as we're running into the safety of the guards in Booty Bay. I said, actually, I'm trying to give you your hearthstone back, newb!

I also got his staff, but I said he doesn't get that back because it sucked. What kind of mage uses a +6 agi +6 spirit staff? Seriously?

Since loot drops are through the roof, cloth drops are as well, therefore, I am a tailor! Turns out tailors need leather from time to time so I took up skinning and raised it to 190 in a couple hours, which was gay, because I wasn't getting XP. But now I've got a ton of Heavy Leather for making Silk Bags (10 slot) which I can sell for 75 silver a pop on the AH.

My brother is playing with me, as well as 4 from, and it seems like it could be a real fun end game. My brother was skeptical at first due to increased XP. He has played a few free servers before I guess and they always make him resub to the real thing because of how crappy they are. But he says this one is different. It even feels a lot like Athlore he says, which is the free UO shard we played on.

So that is about it!

I'm updating from work, if I was at home I would have uploaded a few Free Realms screenshots. One being of my new high score in Hack n Slash and the other being the end of a race I did which said I got 2nd place but then ranked me as 1st place on the final tally. Workin real good aren't we Free Realms? I want you to be good, but you're sucking too much right now!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Realms

UPDATE Well shit. In order to be ranked I need to be a member. I will be #1, I just gotta put some money on the fiance's debit/credit card, may as well get some station cash while I'm at it. I'd say Free Realms could make some money. It is a lot like an arcade.

Well I've played it some and I've got to say I'm sold. They really put a lot of thought into this game. It feels like I'm playing at an arcade, but it is also like I am playing in an arcade. I've only got a level or two on Brawler and I think I'm going to be in first place on the Hack n Slash mini game. Why do I think this?

Well, yesterday after playing I was ranked 48 with a score of 17500ish, my time of 1:44 (I think) was ranked 200ish. I noticed that the guy in first place had a little over 20k, maybe 21k, I'm not certain (the website is currently undergoing maintenance so I cannot check). This morning I played it about 20 times and I pretty much have to be in first place in both time and score. If not, I'm definitely in the top 10.


So you see folks, I am the greatest ever! Giggles. I can't wait until they update it, I gotta know what place I'm in so I can get a higher score or move on to another game (and conquer it just as quickly!) *Evil Laugh*

A person named Lola Star asked me to be their friend, I figured it had to be someone who knows I'm Dick SmallDick.

On a side note, I am a bit disappointed. I thought my name was clever and such, but on one of the leaderboards I saw someone named Brenda Browneye. It's just not fair.

Syncaine, if you read this, I think Free Realms is going for longevity to make money. Look at how many people play Runescape. This game is so much better than that one, it is like the WoW of those games, it will be around for a long time. Methinks SOE wanted to plant an economic seed for these tough times, and I think they made a wise decision.

So like 2 minutes after I posted this, the website was working again. Scores are not updated, but I'm pretty sure I'll be #1 no matter what.

Here is the Hack n Slash Score leaderboard:

Here is the Hack n SLash Time leaderboard: