Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Realms

UPDATE Well shit. In order to be ranked I need to be a member. I will be #1, I just gotta put some money on the fiance's debit/credit card, may as well get some station cash while I'm at it. I'd say Free Realms could make some money. It is a lot like an arcade.

Well I've played it some and I've got to say I'm sold. They really put a lot of thought into this game. It feels like I'm playing at an arcade, but it is also like I am playing in an arcade. I've only got a level or two on Brawler and I think I'm going to be in first place on the Hack n Slash mini game. Why do I think this?

Well, yesterday after playing I was ranked 48 with a score of 17500ish, my time of 1:44 (I think) was ranked 200ish. I noticed that the guy in first place had a little over 20k, maybe 21k, I'm not certain (the website is currently undergoing maintenance so I cannot check). This morning I played it about 20 times and I pretty much have to be in first place in both time and score. If not, I'm definitely in the top 10.


So you see folks, I am the greatest ever! Giggles. I can't wait until they update it, I gotta know what place I'm in so I can get a higher score or move on to another game (and conquer it just as quickly!) *Evil Laugh*

A person named Lola Star asked me to be their friend, I figured it had to be someone who knows I'm Dick SmallDick.

On a side note, I am a bit disappointed. I thought my name was clever and such, but on one of the leaderboards I saw someone named Brenda Browneye. It's just not fair.

Syncaine, if you read this, I think Free Realms is going for longevity to make money. Look at how many people play Runescape. This game is so much better than that one, it is like the WoW of those games, it will be around for a long time. Methinks SOE wanted to plant an economic seed for these tough times, and I think they made a wise decision.

So like 2 minutes after I posted this, the website was working again. Scores are not updated, but I'm pretty sure I'll be #1 no matter what.

Here is the Hack n Slash Score leaderboard:

Here is the Hack n SLash Time leaderboard:

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