Friday, May 8, 2009


Haven't been on the Free Realms website much recently, but I decided to check it a few seconds ago. It turns out they kind of updated the leaderboards a bit. Problem is, they updated it with data from a week ago and they haven't fixed the whole, "I quit the mini game early and am counted as finishing it in 30 seconds even though that isn't fucking possible" thing. But hey, I'm ranked 22 now! My favorite part is how everytime I try and look at the leaderboards for myself and Sword Testing the shit starts breaking. It's like they know.

For instance, I saw I was ranked 22 on My Leaderboard. I clicked to see if the rest of the peoples scores updated as well and they had not. The score they have on file for me now is in the 18000s, but as you can see from my screenshot (a score which I have since beaten) I scored much higher than that. Anyways, so I wanted to get a screenshot of the whole, 22nd place thing to show you. So I go back to My Leaderboard and what do I see?

Okay, well what about if we check the Sword Testing Leaderboard?

Well how about actually looking at the Score and Time Leaderboards individually?

But don't take my word for it, go check for yourself. Remember, this is only one game's leaderboards (and my personal leaderboard). Go look at mining. Look at Kart Racing (which I've NEVER gotten a score from doing, even when racing real people).

Now I can understand a shitty argument being along the lines of, "Well it is more of a family oriented kid's game, it isn't about who is the best or competing but about having fun. Therefore we don't consider the leaderboards as a top priority item. I can understand that. But if that is the case, then don't fucking say you can see yourself on the leaderboards, have links to the leaderboards, or have a whole leaderboard dedicated to ME. I'm just sayin.

Oh hey, what do ya know, my leaderboard works again!

Seeing that I'm ranked 603 on monsters killed kind of makes me want to wtf rape that one next. Wanna know how? It's gonna be real easy. See I'll go to the Cellar dungeon as a level 8+ Brawler or 3+ Warrior and wtf rape newb level mobs all day. Fair? Not really. Pwnzor? Most definitely. I'd like to clarify that something like that is not possible on the Hack n Slash game, that shit is just hard.

Gonna try and fire it up hear at worky, don't think this computer can handle it, but why not give it a shot, it's as good a day as any.

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