Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What has been up?

Well, I've been playing the UOWoW.com server for a few days. I have played a little Free Realms but there really hasn't been any incentive since it is a broken fucking dickface. The leaderboards are STILL not updated, they haven't changed since the first time I ever looked at them a week ago.

Kart Driver and Demo Derby Driver do not gain experience. Nobody knows if this is intended or not because SOE doesn't tell anyone shit. It is just too shitty right now to get into because every problem I run into, when I search the support base or the forums, nobody has said anything about it save for a few players who have run into the same problems. I figured that I couldn't be that amazing at the Hack n Slash game so I got an even higher score of 21720 or something like that. My fastest time is 43 seconds I believe.

I've heard complaints of leaderboards for time (it takes to complete a mini game) being messed up. If someone quits before the game is over, that time gets saved as their fastest time, and it gets displayed on the leaderboard. Failzor!

So, I haven't been playing much Free Realms. However, my fiance tried it out yesterday, and 5 hours later she was paying for it. Now I'm pretty sure she loves it (though I suspect she will burn out soon). I believe she got a Miner to level 9 or so.

As for UOWoW.com, that shit is pretty cool. The server resets a lot, but it doesn't take but a minute to restart, and when you log back in the field of corpses you logged out in is now a field of mobs. I am level 42 already, yep, that's fuckin right. Level 42 in a couple days, huzzah! 10x exp is friggin great, plus the green and blue drop rates increase, add that in with the fact that people drop lewtz.

I've died 3 times to players I believe, 4 if you count a group of 3 killing me twice. The first time was a level ?? one shotting me in Stormwind. The second time was a 43 Rogue in the Deadmines while I was 36, I didn't attack him when I found him, yet he attacked me when he saw me, when I came back I raped his face for being a stupid Rogue. Then I was out in I think Tanaris? Wherever Gadgetzan is. I went through the tunnel and into Pirate land, where I was jumped by 3 guys my level.

I need to bind my bottom left action bar to alt+1-2-3-4 etc, so I can get to my Death Coil easier. I doubt I could've taken the 3 guys as they were all my level, but I really think I could get 2/3 if I got the jump on them and played my shit like a pro. I've done shit like that before because I'm awesome like that. Shit, I killed a ?? Warrior in STV (in real WoW) when I was in my 40s. I just dotted him up and tried to keep him feared while launching my instant shadow bolts whenever Nightfall procced. It got to the point where I used Unending Breath and just started swimming down, after a while he just died. Good stuff.

The players are fucking annoying. It seems just like a regular WoW server because all they do is bitch bitch bitch. They don't understand that they're basically playing in Beta and that there is basically only 1 dev, who actually responds to players in world chat. Yet everyone and their mother is so goddamn entitled to speak their mind about how this one stupid skill doesn't work and how on real WoW servers you can do this and this. Oh my goodness, I have to submit a ticket for my problem? OMG! What kind of barbaric world is this? I can't stand them!

I actually was lucky enough to run across one of the whiners in STV. I dotted him up and sent him a running with fear. He used his ice cage thing (mage) and said "Seriously?", because he conned green to me, I didn't say anything and just spirit tapped and drained life as soon as his ice thing wore off. Aaaaand you're dead! I was mainly pissed because I figured most of the whiners were level 70-80 and lost things that mattered a bit more, but this guy was green to me, just shut the fuck up and level. The best part was he dropped his Hearthstone as loot! I didn't even know that was possible. Anyways, I found him again to give him his Hearthstone back because I'm such a nice guy, and he says "What, you can only kill me when I'm fighting mobs?" as we're running into the safety of the guards in Booty Bay. I said, actually, I'm trying to give you your hearthstone back, newb!

I also got his staff, but I said he doesn't get that back because it sucked. What kind of mage uses a +6 agi +6 spirit staff? Seriously?

Since loot drops are through the roof, cloth drops are as well, therefore, I am a tailor! Turns out tailors need leather from time to time so I took up skinning and raised it to 190 in a couple hours, which was gay, because I wasn't getting XP. But now I've got a ton of Heavy Leather for making Silk Bags (10 slot) which I can sell for 75 silver a pop on the AH.

My brother is playing with me, as well as 4 from PKer.org, and it seems like it could be a real fun end game. My brother was skeptical at first due to increased XP. He has played a few free servers before I guess and they always make him resub to the real thing because of how crappy they are. But he says this one is different. It even feels a lot like Athlore he says, which is the free UO shard we played on.

So that is about it!

I'm updating from work, if I was at home I would have uploaded a few Free Realms screenshots. One being of my new high score in Hack n Slash and the other being the end of a race I did which said I got 2nd place but then ranked me as 1st place on the final tally. Workin real good aren't we Free Realms? I want you to be good, but you're sucking too much right now!

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