Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Age Restrictions and Strict Entrance Policies in MMOs

If a new MMO or perhaps even a new server in your favorite MMO came out announcing that they only wanted to cater to mature adults by having a strict entrance exam, would you be interested?

Can you imagine a game like WoW without the dreaded "Barrens chat" or the Trade channel? Seems pretty good right? I thought you'd like that.

What if every game's servers were divided by age? What if each MMO had a long ass test you're required to take that gave you a mental age allowing you access to either adult and child servers or if you're immature just child servers?

What if all of the people who act so damn entitled to everything were on their own goddamn server? That would probably make you feel pretty damn good wouldn't it?

I bring up this topic (which I'm sure has been discussed elsewhere in great detail) because of the recent SWG CM fiasco along with Ixo's racist run in. Nobody wants to have to deal with shit like that. The SWG CM shouldn't have to pretty much be the teacher of a class of fuckwads. One wrong move and the kids go home to mommy who calls the principal and then you're in trouble because the kids are blatantly disrespectful due to their parents sucking ass. You try and instill some discipline and the kids feel like they're being attacked because they're so used to being coddled.

Which is almost the same reason kids think it is funny to be racist little fucks on the internet. Their parents aren't there. There are probably tens of thousands of teenagers raising each other on the internet. Their parents aren't talking to them about the ways you should act but online it is just one big fuckin party. I'll be the first to admit to being one of these kids. It was fucking sad the things I used to do to feel accepted by my peers online. It is the parents' fault for not being there just as much as it is the kids' fault for going along with it. You know it is wrong, but you're the majority, so you can somehow tell yourself that it is okay. Besides, it isn't like anyone is going to hunt you down and beat you up.

These kids aren't going to change unless they're shunned which is hard to do when they outnumber you, and that is usually the case (unless you're not playing WoW and a few others).

Why should your ignore list have to have 50 fuckin names on it? I don't think it should. Could you imagine a peaceful global chat experience in an MMO?

I once played on an RP UO shard where you had answer a questionnaire in character. I don't remember any of the BS we see today happen on that server.

So why can't we separate the players by age/maturity level? Because it would take too much time? Cost too much? Negative customer feedback? Discrimination? Who knows. But I think it would kick ass.

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