Monday, June 15, 2009

Life without quests

I started playing on a free DAoC server this weekend named Uthgard. It is billed as a "Classic" server meaning most of the newer expansions do not apply. Such as Trials of Atlantis and it's Master Levels along with Artifacts (which are the items you leveled up). It also excludes Darkness Rising and Labyrinth of the Minotaur, though you can use all of these clients to connect to the server. It is very close to the official Classic servers except that it lacks the Catacombs expansion which includes the underground capital cities and the task dungeons which make leveling so much easier. I do not yet know if the Shrouded Isles are supported, I know the client is not, but I've yet to venture to Nalliten and attempt to port over to Aegirham. I plan on doing this soon as SI has better drops if I recall correctly.

Most quests do not exist. The one quest in Vasudheim that did exist was... wait for it.... The Sveabone Hilt Sword quest! Huzzah! Everyone loves that quest. I believe you can request quests to be added on the forum, as well as items (presumably items that are supposed to be ingame), but I'm not about to request shit. I think my character may be bugged as I do not have an Epic quest from my class trainer, oh well. I haven't seen a quest in the last few levels either.

It is quite the eye opener, not having quests. I debated giving up very early on. I could not respec on demand so I couldn't fight the insect mobs due to using a sword which does not get pluses. I could have with a minute downtime in between mobs, but I wasn't about to accept that just yet. So I had to branch out from Mularn. I went to Vasudheim and rode down the road towards Audliten. Here I found the Sveawolf mothers that I remember grinding on many years ago, they conned blue and since they were animals my sword got bonuses each hit. At first when you see that one kill only gets you about 4 percent of a level it is a bit of a morale killer. However, once you start paying attention to the loot, start chaining mobs until you have a sliver of HP left before you rest, then you'll begin to notice that your xp bar moves along quite nicely.

I've rolled a troll skald and I'm currently using a 1h Sword/Shield (though Skalds cannot spec shield, it still blocks every now and then). I took a boat over to Fort Atla to attempt to continue a quest to no avail. From there I went to the beach with the wee wolves and Huldu, I killed many of them. I move a bit back to the Pine Imps that conned orange which I could solo, but soon moved beyond them to the road. Along the road I discovered Dryad Sprigs which dropped Engraved Bracelets that added 8 to hit points. Once I had two of these I went beyond the road to see the Svartalf camps, but the mobs still conned red and purple. So I boated back to Vasudheim. From here I ran towards Nisse's as I'd figured level 7 has to be close enough.

Before I made it there I ran into some Roaming Thralls which conned yellow and dropped rings that added +3 to con. I don't believe I attained two yet as they did not drop nearly as well as the bracers. I was basically taking a stroll down memory lane. This road with Tomte camps is a road I am terribly familiar with as I spent the majority of my first months subscription there. I wanted to check out the Silverscale drakelings but they were conning red as well. One of the tomte camps had a ton of green con Thugs and Scavengers which I killed a lot of, but watch out for those purple con mfkers right next to them! From there I swam out to the island which has the entrance to Nisse's on it. I found a bunch of green Thugs and yellow Skirmishers which I farmed until level 8. One of the Thugs dropped Pillager's Sleeves which friggin rule so much ass, something that hasn't happened in years. So here I am decked out in classic world drops and I'm excited about it. It is really a great feeling, like using a time machine.

I'm terribly excited to relive my past time in DAoC. I view it as having a second chance to reach level 50 without the increased XP gain that Catacombs gave me. I can't wait to get some more of that sweet ass Tomte loot yo!

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