Monday, June 1, 2009

My LotRO weekend!

I played quite a bit this weekend. Nevermind my Xfire, I turn that off sometimes. Mainly when I'm really stoned and feel like my internet is lagging, I'll close anything and everything. Steam? Fuck you, probably downloading some stupid old game update. Xfire? Let me guess, still automatically updating "insert game here that I used to play" even though I fucking disabled that shit. Turbine Download Manager? Nope, can't close that, the one program actually uploading shit, it might close my game! Can't risk trying, might have to log back in!

My Rune-keeper is now level 19. I began doing the Epic quest. I'm currently on I believe Chapter 11 of Book 1, which is the first group necessary quest in the chain (I believe). I tried to solo it though, because I didn't realize I had blown through the other Chapters that quickly. But now, I'm starting to think I'll just level way ahead and come back so I can solo it. But why Bonedead? Why oh why would you want to solo in such a group friendly game? Because I still hate people, I'm sorry.

I have 200/200 Apprentice Scholar on my Rune-keeper. I got Weaponsmith to 60 or so Apprentice. Which I have since abandoned. I needed Bronze bars, but I couldn't make them, so I bought 50 copper bars, whoops. So I spent all my money on Bronze bars and gear and twink gear. Whoops. So I rolled an Elf Champion for dual wielding badassery, and trained Two-handed weapons. Whoops. I then found a purple Spear assuming it was a two handed weapon (thanks DAoC!) and equipped it. Then I realized I had a low level sword in my off hand and checked my woodworking to see that I can make another spear for a simple 2 Rowan wood. So I go to find Rowan wood and then realize I probably can't gather it because I'm not a Forester.

So I ponder creating another alt to handle that profession. I do not. I quested out of the Dwarf starting lands and I'm now in Bree. It turns out I've done all of these quests before, so much for running into new content. I go to Trestleridge or whatever and gather quests. These quests are red yet I still attempt them. I almost complete two when I die to red orcs. I teleport to the Lone lands. I have done these quests before. I am almost finished with all of these quests, after which I intend to return to Thistleridge or whatever. After there I'll return to Bree and do that book shit.

I hate my Champion at first, because I wanted a class that can take multiple mobs at once, like a badass, and I get hurt a lot doing that. Heavy armor here I come! As soon as I do my Journeyman Scholar quest I can make better heal pots, and mail them to my champion!

I canceled my sub, so I don't get charged again while I'm too high to remember it's been a month. I could see myself going alt crazy for professions and being fine with that. I could see myself playing this game for a little while and not getting bored, though I already have gotten bored on more than one occasion. I made my Champion yesterday and was level 8 in one hour.

I like naming characters by following the rules at character creation screen. Because every combination of the provided prefixes and suffixes is taken, so you have to get creative. My champions name is Borabar, and I think that name is pretty sweet.

I've grouped three times. Once I didn't want to. Another time I didn't want to. The third time I wanted to, but just so I could kill the mob in 2 seconds and not get hate tells for not grouping before killing it. I disbanded immediately after, and the guy followed me. Why? Apparently he just wanted to say Good luck, aww, how sweet.

I wish I got more whacks at copper and tin deposits. I don't like using food but have started to more often. On my Rune-keeper I have two of the purple horn items that grant +10 radiance, on my Champion I have one and threw the other "this item starts a quest" item away. I hate how at level 15 your pocket item that increases your run speed must go bye bye. I like getting traits/deeds/titles.

I prefer farming humanoids as they have better loot tables. As soon as my Weaponsmith is Journeyman he can make a purple 2h axe recipe that I found, hopefully this happens when he is 16 so he can use it immediately. Hopefully the ingredients are crazy fuckin expensive.

Monster play is pretty lame. I got 2 deathblows I believe, which was pretty lame and stupid. More freeps enter the ettenmoors now than I've ever seen, and that makes dying easy. Respawning across the map is gay. Playing a gimped mob who has to team up with other gimped mobs is gay.

Fishing is pretty lame too. I'll get a bite and no matter how quickly I press the fishing button again, I can never make the animation look fluid. Ever. I always get a bite, my pole bends back to straight, and then I jerk it (little graphic, eh?). Because when I set the hook in a fish, my pole is always straight.

I've caught about 15 goldfish, 3 minnows, 20 weeds, and 2 broken daggers. I have about 8 fishing skill out of 200. I feel like I wasted a lot of time fishing.

People who play songs you know are fucking awesome. I was chillin at Thrasi's lodge when I saw a crowd start to gather around this dude wailin away on his Lute. I joined the crowd and began listening, trying to figure out what song is being played. This may lose me some man points but I don't care, I'll lose more shortly after. The song he was playing was Too Late by I think One Republic (whoever that is). You know the one, it's too late to apologize, it's too late (timbaland timbaland timbaland-- that's what he's saying right? who knows lol, definitely not saying too late). I showed Melanie and she thought it was pretty fuckin cool too.

Then she told me it isn't a Justim Timberlake song, and I felt gay and sad at the same time.

I've run into a few others playing at the Prancing Pony and didn't like a single one. Because they sucked at picking good music that wasn't some gospel choir song.

I plan on eventually playing cool music in public. Maybe find out how to do Benny Hill and just follow people around playing it. I fully intend to annoy people with my music.

I want to see shit from the movie already.

I forgot the story takes place during the movies (or the books for those anal fuckers just waiting to correct me).

I'm a bit disappointed that I left my Xfire off the whole weekend, because I played a fuckin lot-ro. Lol get it. Man I'm clever.

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