Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Y Halo Thar!

Guess what? Random as shit time again! Huzzah!

I hate WoW players who complain about WoW and their precious dailies. Don't you know that Blizzard is never wrong? Dumbasses.

Hey guess what? Chicken butt! Haha, I got you you fucker!

I don't want a large Farva, I want a god damn liter of cola!

Liter is french for give me some fuckin cola before I break your fuckin lip!

Ahh, good times. Anyways, let's try to make fun of WoW people more, because, well, just because.

Ooo look at me, I'm a night elf mohawk, durrrrrrr. Yeah way to go guy, you're cool like Vern Troyer. BTW, Austin Powers movies are officially gay now, which means so is mini me. I FLY DRAGONS!! LOL! Cool guy, go play Horizons or whatever the crap that magic dragon land shit was.

So I finally might actually be following through with something I've probably said I was gonna do like 20 times here. What might it be you're obviously asking yourself (unless you're one of my 4 loyal readers who stop by once a month like good loyal readers do)? Well I shall tell you....in the form of song!

I liek to play gaemz
I make my toons have funny naemz
I pwn teh newbehz in der face
I rape them mobs who stand in place
PvE is very hard
PvP means youre full of lard
because you have no life you fuck
i hates you guise its not just luck
i rhyme one line with the previous
not too talented but gdamn srs
yeah mofugga its der bonedaedz
kinda like das boot but more in my haedz
a before e except after pee pee
in your coke this aint no joke
im here to stay and i like subway
5 dollas fo life fuck that six dolla strife
motha fugga im fo real
this be bonedaed and heres the deal
i write the shit
you read the shit
then you comment on the shit
which lets me know you give a shit
now maybe its my fault when your thoughts arent provoked
but probably not cus my content is stoked
so as i said before i liek to play gaemz
and my naemz bonedaed cus i is insaenz

Thank you, thank you.

Oh wait, I didn't even tell you wtf I might actually finally amazingly be following(ly) through with(ly). Let us try yet again!

My naemz bonedaed and i play teh gaemz
I type real dumb cus you dont hear me saez
if you did hear me saez youd be like wow
i dont believe he saez dat in my faez
but i will and its neat
so lets get off the e-street
and talk normal again
because its the new trend
see i like to get high
i also like to not lie
so i plan on getting high
while trying not to lie
about the games i play
every single gdamn day
see my fiances digi cam
records videos, yes it can
i just found out yesterday
so i might film the first today
i'll maybe hide my face
so the cops dont find my place
paranoia makes me crazy
but i am pretty damn lazy
so we shall see sometime soon
maybe if i decide to

wiener wiener wiener butt. in yur butt of the chipmunk butt.

wut wut.

DAoC is pretty cool. I love this classic server because Bonedancers have the 4 sec life tap yet again! Huzzah! I have a guy on the live servers named Forsectap but his life tap has a recharge of 8 seconds I believe. Talk about gay. Anyways, I can solo purples for fun because I steal their life every 4 seconds and it uses a very small amount of power. neat neat amirite? Riveting shit huh? I thought you'd think so.


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