Monday, August 24, 2009

Mafia Wars = Crack, WoW update, and some

Why hello thar! Good to have you back, good to be back, and of course, wiener.

I've been playing Mafia Wars on Facebook way too much recently. It is like crack and I know it is incredibly simple and a copied formula with many different colors. I know this. But it doesn't matter, because it's fuckin fun.

I spend all my energy, get tons of fuckin money, and then find some newb with a smaller mafia and big buildings. Anything over a tourist shop is considered big because each successful robbery nets 300k+. Of course my favorite is a mega casino which have netted me up to 700k a hit. Makin money is easy. Buying big property at a low level is retarded, unless you have 500 fake friends. What you have to do is see that robbing a valu mart gets you about 20k a hit. Robbing a tourist shop gets you about 100k. When you're high enough level that 100k doesn't seem like shit, then you're ready for some tourist shops. I just recently acquired 10 tourist shops for the price of 50 million. I had the beachfront property for a while just waiting.

I've begun throwing all of my energy into the lowest tier jobs for the extra stat points. It's not working that great but it is working as I have 4 more stat points than my friend who is 1 level above me.

Whatever you do, do not start playing Mafia Wars, I'm serious. You will not stop.

So I hit level 72 yesterday in WoW. Boy is it slowing down in the leveling section. I'm no longer running around with 15 quests and turning them all in at once, nope. No direction from here on out it appears, back to stumbling onto quest hubs, JOY! If you're going to hold my hand the whole damn time, don't let go at the end, please. I wish my quest rewards would replace my gear again, apparently the first ones I got were just too good. So I've just been leveling.

Exciting, huh?

Mario Kart Wii online multiplayer is so amazingly fun. Playing against guys in Japan at 1:30 am EST, you can't beat that, you can't.

That is it, boring post is boring, bonedead is bonedead, and I said good day!


Pitrelli said...

Nice to see your still playing WoW and defending it a bit (on Syns blog ;) )

Its a good game if you can ignore the grindfest at 80....... I'll just be looking to get BoA gear for my Worgen Rogue ;)

Jason said...

Yeah, I just got into Dalaran the other day and saw the BoA vendor! Zomg! I can't wait to buy so many of those. I'm extremely glad I don't have to PvE for the badges too.