Friday, August 14, 2009

So long, suckers!

With the recent WoW patch 3.2 some changes were made to the Battlegrounds.

Battleground experience has arrived!

* Players will now be awarded experience for completing objectives and actions that yield honor in Battlegrounds (honorable kills not included).
* Players who do not wish to gain experience through PvP can visit Behsten in Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar - both located near the Battlemasters in either city - and turn off all experience accumulation for the cost of 10 gold.
* Disabling experience gains will prevent a player from gaining experience through any means available in the game.
* Players with experience gains turned off who compete in Battlegrounds will face off only against other players with experience gains turned off.
* Behsten and Slahtz can reinstate experience gains for players, for a 10 gold fee of course. Any experience that would've been accumulated if experience gains were enabled cannot be recovered.

Can you guess what's happening now? Need a hint? Here's a few.





Have you figured it out yet? Notice how most of the people complaining are a level that ends in a 9? Yeah. That's only a few from the first page of my Battlegroup's forum.

So this is the patch that severely hampers twinking in the BGs. The twinkers are now crying because they have to turn exp off in order to stay at their twinked level. Because they turn off exp gains they are sorted into BGs with only other people who have exp off. Their problem is that there aren't enough of them on at the same time to successfully start a BG. Poor lil fellers!

Some of them have excuses for playing twinks, all of them are horrible lies though. Here's a few I've seen.



I hope you're laughing as much as I am right now. Give yourself a second or two to regain your composure, and let's continue.

I would be willing to bet that the majority of twinks are stupid fuckin kids, shit, read their complaints on the forums and it becomes quite obvious this is fact. You can see in their words what their problem is, they can't win anymore. They are so self centered that they forget that the guys they've been crushing like eggs are actual people. They feel more entitled, especially with daddy's credit card behind them.

I see them saying how regular "lvlers" are to blame for QQing too much. How fucking retarded blind are these kids? You've been ruining the game for tons of people the whole time you've been having this "fun". You do not realize that your definition of "fun" is synonymous with "I run faster than 5 year olds!! FUCK YEAH!". You have twice as much HP as anyone else in the game, of course you're winning, and that doesn't make you good.

They act like there isn't any PvP at 80. They act like PvP sucks when you're not a twink. I wonder where they get that idea.

Good riddance.


Pitrelli said...

heh the death of the twinks :) good stuff, you gotta laugh at 'we dont twink to get easy kills' thats exactly why they twink QQ tears :) love it

Gx1080 said...

Mommy!! The evil Blizzard didnt let me gank newbs anymore!! Call the Whaaaaambulance!!

[Insert QQ and excuses for QQ in here]

Trammel anyone?

Bonedead said...

I would say about 5% of the twinks actually enjoy fighting other twinks. I know this because there are some twinks complaining about the 20 minute timer on WSG. Their complain is that since they are twinks their fights last much longer, thus, twenty minutes often runs out. They do have it set up so that when time runs out the team with the most caps wins, if the caps are tied, the person to cap first wins, and if there are no caps it is a draw. But when it is a draw 0-0 everyone gets 1 mark. But then again, what do twinks need marks for?