Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So last weekend I went up to my friend's place in Tampa again and we got our Mario Kart the fuck on. Last time we skipped 50cc, I believe we got golds in 100cc, and we had golds in most of 150cc but some were still silver or bronze. Well we managed to finish up 150cc which unlocked the Mirrored tracks. I believe we got a couple golds before we passed out. It seems like the driver's skill doesn't increase much in between 50-100-150ccs but the bullshit meter is what makes the difference. What is the bullshit meter? How about kicking ass the whole time and being in 8th until the 2nd half of the last lap, when you get the bullet and are dropped right in first place a few seconds before the finish line. Shit like that happens more and more when you increase the difficulty, but it really does trick you into thinking you're awesome.

I have gotten to level 66 in WoW on mah Warlock. I am getting quite excited because the levels aren't really that hard. I said I was going to Zangamarsh next but I still haven't been there. I have been able to solo many of the group quests because Warlocks are fucking awesome, as long as the elite doesn't have 50k HP and hit like a truck, I can wtfpwn it in the face. Anyways I received a quest to go to Shattrath and was even given the flight path, that was a nice touch. So from there I began workin on my Aldor rep, my friend in Tampa says I'm wasting my time, but god damnit I don't care. I'm not trying to level as fast as possible and when I hit 80 I'm not going raiding, so, how about I play the game the way I want to. He's got an 80 Warlock and used to be a raid leader on a PvE server, but I'm on a PvP server and I like to beat people.

I did just about all of the quests in Terokkar Forest and have worked my way into Nagrand. I've been catching my first glimpse of the dreaded rep grind I've heard so much about, but you know what? I'm not even worried about it simply because I'm a PvPer. When I'm 80 I'll have decent gear, I'll be able to go into the BGs over and over, even if I suck, and get enough honor and marks to buy some halfway decent shit. I've got 3 purples already at 66 as a solo player, I believe all are PvP rewards.

Here's My Armory.

I know the gloves and wrists need work. As soon as I get a level or two I'll be able to solo that demon fucker that summons infernos outside Auchindoun. The quest reward for that is some nice gloves to replace those level 40 ones.

But yeah, I think I'll be fine.

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