Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The future of MMORPG = MOG

Why? Well obviously it's because the WoW devil has the genre in a headlock, and he gives one mean noogie. I know others have used fast food restaurants to compare MMOs, so let me try it. I'm not very old, I'm 22, so I haven't seen as much change in the world as others. But, I do remember when McDonald's wasn't considered a bad thing, when everyone was "lovin it" from the media to our role models, everyone was endorsing it.

McDonald's isn't going anywhere so their competition has to adapt, but sometimes they must adapt to their competition (and resisting that change could prove to hurt them). Dollar menus, opening at 6am or staying open 24 hours, an extra big size for those who really want to stand out. These changes among fast food restaurants are now a common denominator between them all. Guess what? No one is going to revert to shit. They're going to find ways to make things cheaper, faster, and tastier. Their competition is going to have to follow their lead. So, do you follow the leader? Do you try and break off from the group and find your own way and risk weathering the storm alone? If it works won't it just be stolen by others? Maybe he's walking towards a cliff and he doesn't even know it. Maybe he knows what he's doing and that is why he is the leader. Maybe he's just wingin it.

I can guarantee you one thing and that is this: McDonald's changed to better serve their customers.

That is the way the world works. If you want to preserve the good ole days of Mom and Pop restaurants, you're going to need to open your own or wait for someone else to, but it isn't guaranteed that someone will. Plus, if you were to have success with it, would you think of expansion, would you build 50 stores if there was enough demand, would you become the leader if you could? Those who fight change risk stagnation. It is harder to convert resisters than it is to bring in those who embrace the change. You will get left behind.

Some day there won't be human races, we will all be a mix of everything, and I think a lot of things are going the same route. Do we really need singleplayer, multiplayer, fps, rts, card, board, and mini games (plus all of the others I've left out)? You can already see it happening. Singleplayer and multiplayer are going to merge eventually, it's gonna happen, it's already happening.

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Anonymous said...

Well played that man, you have highlighted exactly what I was thinking whilst reading syncaines latest WoW hate blog. I was gonna post but that would give him too much satisfaction.

Im happy in the fact that I know what I like and I like Mcdona.... I mean WoW. Sure its not for everyone, but for me it is the most fun, accessible and certainly has the most features (altho not always the best implemented). So yeah I've finally came to terms with the fact that WoW is MY game, I dont have to defend it or owt, it can do that itself.

I liked the analogy of opening up your own shop specifically for the nostalgic ol' farts like syncaine who thought 2005 WoW was the best thing since sliced bread..... it wasnt!! it was good but compared to 2009 WoW I think its shit does indeed stink. Nostalgia often taints the memories.

Bottom line, Im gonna stick to mcdonalds and syncaine can dine out in Al's greasy dinner berating the big mac chompers