Tuesday, September 29, 2009

See you at the crossroads (so you don't get lonely)

Who woulda thought Bone Thugs could ever be so fitting?

So where did we leave off? Having trouble figuring out what to do with my 80. Not sure about my alt situation as well. I'm also feeling pretty lonely in WoW. These are all problems that need solving in order for me to stay with the game.

I wanted to just go straight PvP once I hit 80 but am already feeling the pain of the infamous honor grind. What makes that worse is that the gear I'm grinding for is at the bottom of the totem pole. I did some 2v2 skirmishes with my RL friend who plays a holy priest, but we got rocked all but 2 games, which we won against the same people. Now I am reconsidering and leaning more towards raiding. I feel kinda bad for saying that since I am historically anti raiding, but I just don't see any other way.

With my alts I am also at a crossroads. Do I level the DK to 80? My 19 horde hunter is pretty fun, but he does have his faults. Do I go back to the Pally, Rogue, or Mage? I don't think so. I'm one week away from getting heirloom shoulders and I'm still not 100% sure what I'm getting. I respecced my 20 warrior from fury to protection, which I have never played before. To be honest, this alt is the one messing up my decisions. Protection is fucking awesome. Pull with taunt, sunder (or rend) followed by another sunder, using revenge whenever possible and the shield bash on casters. If I get a few adds then I demoralizing shout, thunder clap, cleave, and revenge occasionally. He is a beast and I love it. So do I get plate shoulders and level my DK or give them to Mr. Prot Warrior? What if I get the 1h sword that costs 200 shards (same as shoulders) and give that to the warrior? I think the best idea is to get plate shoulders and give them to my DK, level him, then use him to get more heirloom items and really deck my warrior out.

Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo? I get fucking bored not having any one to talk to in game. Don't get me wrong, I stay busy, I just don't group with anyone which means no instance phats and such. So do I find a guild? Most people can't put up with me. Not because I'm a foul mouth (all the time) but more because I'm selfish, I guess. I don't like to drop what I'm doing to help some fucker who can't help themselves. Plan it ahead of time and ask me to be there, it's not that hard. I'm just afraid of people sometimes, I don't want to be criticized especially by 12 year olds lol. Ugh! I really should just start diving in, if I don't like it then I'll leave. Should I worry about being labeled a guild hopper? I don't think so, especially if I don't take anything from them. I'm a damn adult (says the law!) and I can do what I want!


Pitrelli said...

Aye I feel the same, currently Im in a guild but I dont really talk to anyone, my real life friends are all on the horde side of the fence so bar - vent etc then Im pretty fooked.

As for what should you buy - Id go with the plate heirloom shoulders as you can use them for your paladin, deathknight and your warrior :)

I also recommend you give raiding a bit of a bash if you can, whilst frustrating at whipes etc it is very satisfying when you manage to clear anything :), also you can use the emblems to pick up your pvp gear and bypass the honor grind.

Bonedead said...

I should be solving my lonely problem soon, due to a friend who said he'd play when I hit 80 (then changed his mind) resubbing. He is also a raider type and is leveling a Prot Warrior from 70, said he wanted to level some in heroics. As for buying PvP gear with emblems? No way! I'd totally get made fun of by the PvPers. But I think most emblems can be converted into an emblem that can buy PvE heirlooms, which I would buy.